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Flinn Scholarship
Arizona’s most prestigious scholarship
“Brain Gain vs. Brain Drain”
1. Full tuition & fees at AZ Public University, funds for
room/board, books, and supplies
2. Three week overseas seminar +2 additional summers of
international travel
3. Personal mentoring by faculty, community members
4. Public Policy Seminars
5. Field Trips
6. Opportunities to meet and work with community leaders
7. Fellowship in a community
Value is estimated at more than $50,000
Profile of Flinn Scholars
1. Average SAT Scores of 1450/1600
2. Average ACT Scores of 31/36
3. 9/20 Selected are National Merit
4. Most graduated in the top 2% of their
FLINN loves DOBSON Students!
Application Process
Receive 600 applications (20 Scholarships
 1st: Make the paper cut: meet all requirements,
GPA, rigor of curriculum, test scores, essays
and recommendations are spectacular-(notified
during the end of December)
 2nd: Attend 1st Interview (1st week in January)
 3rd: Attend College Visits (Feb-March)
 4th: Attend 2nd Interview (March)
Interviews= Remain current on global, national
and state news/events
Selection notifications arrive in March/April
What will you need?
3 Letters of Recommendation
Copy of Biography/Interview Questions
Time to write and edit ESSAYS
Recommenders Email addresses
Official Transcript
ACT/SAT scores
Letters of Recommendation
Meet with your Counselor for an hour long
Select Teachers: English, History, Math,
Science, World Language, Music
Update Resume
Fill out Biography/Interview questions
Fill out Teacher Recommendation Forms
Allow at least 3 weeks for recommendations
Send Thank You Notes
Flinn Essay Tips
Tell a story: find your center and learn how to describe it.
 What effect are you seeking? Drama? Action/Adventure?
Comedy? Horror/Suspense? AVOID REMAKES
 Authenticity vs. Artifice: What do you most enjoy? What do you
do best? How do others answer this question about you? Are
these the centerpiece of your story?
 Autobiographer’s Oath: I solemnly swear to tell the truth and
nothing but the truth….but not necessarily the whole truth.
 Role playing: There is a bit of role playing to writing personal
statements: the narrative autobiographical line you trace is
inevitably more linear than your actual life and thought patterns,
and there are never assurances that your focus will not shift in
later years.
 Plan on writing several rough drafts
 Proof read and use spell check
 Have your English teacher critique
 Give yourself plenty of time to write these essays
Essay #1
Innovative Thinker
What makes you an innovative thinker?
Contrast your approach with the
thinking of another innovator whose
ideas intrigue you. (300 words).
Essay #2
Visitor From Another Culture
A visitor from another culture arrives for the first time in
your town/city. Playing the role of the visitor, develop
a letter to family back home, in which you, the visitor,
describe three characteristics (such as, but not
limited to, social trends, local cuisine, architecture,
marginalized groups) that seem to encapsulate the
place and people of your town. (Limit 500 words).
Essay #3
Nuclear Power Plants
Should the US build new nuclear power
plants? Explain why or why not.
(Limit 500 words).
Final Tips
Know your audience
Be your “best” self
Be selective – which stories?
Find your voice –what tone?
DEADLINE: October 21, 2011
***Remember October Break is 10/10-10/14****