MIS3502 Exam III (Final Exam) Study Guide

MIS3502 Exam III (Final Exam) Study Guide
The exam will consist of short-answer and programming questions. The short-answer
questions can be answered in one to three sentences. The programming questions will
require coding parts of a larger application.
The following is a list of major subjects that you should consider focusing on for the exam.
There may be items that are not included on this list that will be on the exam. Also, there
may be items on this list that will not wind up on the exam.
 What is XML? What is it used for? Why is it different from older forms of data
 What is the role of XML in web services?
 How to read from an XML document using XMLReader and XMLDocument
 How to populate an XMLDocument object from a string
 Loop through an XMLNodeList and retrieve individual data elements
 Writing XML using the XMLWriter class
 Use of XML as a way to facilitate the integration of data from multiple sources
Web Services
 Describe the web services architecture
 Explain the importance of standard messaging
 Understand where the processing takes place (client versus server)
 What are the four main components of web services and what is the role of each?
 What is the purpose of WSDL? How does this relate to the ASMX file? How does it
relate to SOAP?
 How to create a web service
o How do you make a method visible?
 How to consume a web service
o Building a web reference
 Using a “new” service and integrating it into an application
o Like you did in Project 3
 Use of web services as a way to facilitate the integration of data from multiple sources
Managing State/Multi-page applications
 The purpose of maintaining state in applications
 Cookies and session variables
o How to implement each using code
o When to use each/advantages and disadvantages
And of course, you should thoroughly understand
 Project 3
 All problems from the lab exercises and walkthroughs
 All additional code examples discussed in class
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