Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules
1. Respect Yourself i.e.
a. Turn in your homework
b. Pay attention during class
c. Be ready to learn
d. Honest/Integrity
e. Responsible
2. Respect Others i.e.
a. Listen to others when they speak
b. No phones during class (this is like your job!)
c. Act and speak appropriately
d. Trust
3. Respect the Environment i.e.
a. No food or drink (except water or medical purposes)
b. Clean up after yourself
c. No vandalizing, throwing, or stealing
Possible Negative Consequences
1. Warning
2. 1 on 1 conference (removed from class)
3. 15 minute detention and parent contacted
4. 30 minute detention, parent contacted, and written letter of apology of offense
5. Administration Referral, parent contacted, detention, and letter
Depending on offense, consequence can start at any level
Possible Positive Consequences
1. Praise
2. Extra Credit
3. Parents contacted with positive feedback
4. Self-gratification (See Rule 1)
5. Respect
First & Last Name
Due Date
Class Period
Assignment page(s) and problem numbers___________________________________
1. 3x – 4 = 5
+4 +4
3x = 9
Must show your work!! Otherwise I’ll assume you copied.
1. Write down problem
a. Word problems write out entire question
2. Show all work
3. Circle answer
Classroom Procedures
Entering the Classroom
 Must have a fully charged Lenovo and all necessary materials before entering
 Enter maturely and quickly find your seat
 Pick up any necessary papers/plickers by the door
 Place homework on desk
 Begin Daily Warm-Up immediately
 Must be past the threshold of the door to avoid being marked tardy
During Class
 Raise your hand
 Listen before responding (See Rule 2)
 Participate! (See Rule 1)
o We are here to learn
o Knowledge is power
o Come in before or after school for help!!! Or by appointment.
 When finished with activity
o Work on Homework
o Work on Other Homework
o Read
o Ask for Brain Teaser/ Logic Puzzle
o Wait quietly
 In Groups
o Contribute
o Listen attentively
o Respond and Comment
 Moving around room
o Raise pencil if needing sharpened
o Raise plug on charger if needing charged
 Cellphones
o If I see it = Cellphone Prison
o May be used during class for educational purposes with my permission.
 Lenovo
o Fully charged every single day
o Used for classroom purposes only
Leaving Class
 Ask for permission (Must be relevant) i.e.
 paper cut ≠ nurse
 vomiting = get up and run!
 Fire drill
o Calmly, quietly, and orderly leave the classroom and head to designated
area on soccer fields
 Bathroom
o 1 person at a time
o Must have the pass with you at all times
o Hand in 1 of 4 passes you have per quarter
 Turn in extra passes at the end for bonus points
 Enter extra passes into raffle for prize
 Dismissal at the end of class. I dismiss you, not the bell. (3 requirements)
o In your seat
o Quiet
o Clean
 Weekly schedule will be posted on whiteboard and online every week
 Daily agenda will also be posted online at the end of every day
 Daily (subject to vary)
o Daily Warm-Up
o Review homework
o Lesson/Notes/Activity
o Examples/ Homework in class
Progress Reports
 After every test, I will provide a progress report
 Those who are receiving a D or below will need to get it signed by parents and
returned to me
 We will have a short conference on how to get your grade improved. I am here
to help you succeed!
 If signed progress report not returned within one week, parents will be called
and verbally informed of grade
 Grades will be updated weekly and posted in class by student ID
Turning in Work
 Proper heading (see next page)
o First & Last name (no name is trashed)
o Date due
o Class period
 Before you come to class, otherwise marked late
 If you don’t have homework
o Turn-in Yellow Missing Homework Sheet
o Must be completed to take chapter test
 Have assignment at the edge of your desk ready to be checked at the
beginning of each class
 You will have 2 days to do homework. DON’T FALL BEHIND.
Tardy or Absent
 Tardy = Your entire body is not pass the threshold of the door i.e. one foot is
still in the hallway. (See Student Handbook for tardy policy)
o Sign sheet next to door with reason for tardy
o You will forfeit one of your Bathroom Passes
o Sit quietly in your seat and begin Daily Warm-Up
 Absent
o All work and daily agenda will be posted online in Canvas
o Unexcused absence – No extra days to complete assignments.
 i.e. Unexcused absence on Monday: Monday’s assignment due
Tuesday before class
o Excused absence – 1 day absent = 1 extra day to complete assignment
 i.e. Excused absence Monday: Monday’s assignment due
Wednesday before class
o Do not ask me if you missed anything or if it was important. I’ll answer
it now: Yes you did and yes it was important.
 Look online
 Look in class on calendar
 Ask a friend
 Need help? Come in before or after school or by appointment.
Visitors or Substitutes
 See Rule 2
 Don’t speak to visitors unless spoken to
 Substitutes: Pretend it’s me. You know the routine. Rewards and
Consequences will be administered accordingly.