Frequently Asked Questions Updated 3/22/10

Frequently Asked Questions
Updated 3/22/10
1. What happens to my old phone?
You will be asked to bring your old phone to a designated box located on each floor. For those
of you who are not in the office during the week of April 19-23, someone from IT will pick up
your phone. The boxes will be removed from the floor on Friday, April 23. The location of the
box will be emailed closer to the implementation date.
2. Can I forward voicemail to my new number?
Yes. Once you get your new phone you will have until Monday, April 19 to forward voice mail
from your analog phone to your VoIP phone. Keep in mind, once you listen to the voicemail on
your new number, it will only be saved for 10 days.
How long will the intercept be on my old number?
The intercept will placed your old number between 7:00 – 8:00 AM on April 20, 2010 and
continue for 3 months or until July 19, 2010.
4. How will the Caller ID work?
If the caller is from the Office of the Chancellor, the person's name and number will appear. If
the caller is not from our network, only the number will show up.
How will we call out, do we still dial 8 for long distance?
In order to make an external call, the caller will need to dial 9 before the number. For local calls
dial 9 and the number e.g. 9 651-296-1234. For long distance calls dial 9 1 and the number e.g.
91-507-389-1234. You no longer use 8 for long distance calls.
6. What do we dial to call internally? Can we access anyone else through just dialing the
Yes. The system is enabled with 4 digit dialing. For example, to call an OoC staff person at 651201-1234, one would only dial 1234.
7. What is VOIP or IP Telephones?
Find more information here:
8. Why are we implementing VOIP?
Support costs continue to escalate with the current phone system. OoC resources are not being
as efficient as possible since we don’t have one common phone system (dialing and other
inefficiencies are becoming more of a concern). Our old phone system does not provide many
of the features the new IP telephones have.
9. Where can I find information on the IP Telephone Project:
You can view the Project Plan, Business Case, and Status Updates here:
10. Where can I find information on the phone I will be getting?
Cisco 7941 is the default phone and information can be found at:
However, some people who have additional requirements will be getting a similar model 7962:
11. Will training be offered?
Yes, each department is responsible for choosing who they will send to training at Office of
Enterprise Technologies (OET) for onsite training. Those people will be responsible for training
the other members of their department. We are currently in the process of selecting training
dates ,please check back for more information
12. Is online training available?
View the 7941 tutorial here:
View the 7962 tutorial here:
13. Is everyone at the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Office of the Chancellor going to be
on the new phone system?
Most of the ITS staff are already using VOIP. We will begin transitioning everyone at Wells
Fargo over to the new system and then begin working on the remaining off-site locations.
14. Will our Fax Number change?
No, fax numbers will not change. Those lines will remain analog.
15. How long will my voice mail be saved?
Once you have listened to a voicemail, you can only save it for 10 days.
16. Will the 800 numbers be changing?
No, all of the 800 numbers will remain the same.
17. How will callers be notified of phone number changes?
Several ways:
 A phone intercept will be placed on the old phone number starting April 19, 2010
alerting callers of your new number
 An email and voice mail script will be provided to everyone to record as their voicemail
message and include in the signature line of their e-mails
 A notification will be Included in the Scoop
 An announcement will be placed on our website
 Each person should notify their most frequent callers