Digital Photography Syllabus Mrs. Tredinnick


Digital Photography Syllabus

Mrs. Tredinnick


Office: Fine Arts Office

Course Description:

This course will cover the basic concepts of digital photography as well as design composition. Through various activities and projects, students will learn how to conceive, create, produce and manipulate photos using Abode Photoshop CS3.

**Students are required to have regular access to a digital camera**

Grading System:

50% Projects

20% Classroom Exercises

20% Daily Class Participation/Preparation/Attitude/Effort

10% Homework

Project Grades:

Students will earn each project grade individually on completed requirements, as well as neatness and effort put forth while working. You must clearly label your name next to the photograph(s) you have taken in order to receive credit for the project assignment.

Participation Grade/Daily Grade:

Students must be present, prepared and participate in every class. If you have an absence or you are late to my class it is YOUR responsibility for obtaining any missed handouts and hand in completed work. I am here to help you if you missed something do to an absence, just please let me know.



All of your homework assignments consist of shooting photos for class. It is expected that you take photos continuously throughout week for you have extras if needed. It is necessary that students come to class ready with photographs previously taken so that we can use class time effectively.

Just some words from me to you:

-I understand that everyone in here is on a different level of understanding when it comes to Photoshop, so if it is boring DEAL! I will probably take everything very slowly at first. The basics of this class in the beginning can be boring, but you have to know that before anything else !


-You MUST work on Photoshop during the class, if I see you on video games you will get an F automatically class participation, no questions asked!!! If I see a continuous video game playing addiction, I will write you up and call your parents. Don’t try it…do it on your own time!

-If you need to use the restroom, please ask and I will write you a pass. I will only allow two students out of the room at anytime. If you leave my classroom without a pass or asking I will write you up!

-You are allowed to eat in my class and drink; however you must throw all your trash out! If anyone leaves anything anywhere…that one person will ruin it for everyone. Oh, and NOOOOOOOOOO you are not allowed to go to the café during my class to get food. I can’t send you so don’t even ask!

-All backpacks are to remain on the desk side of the classroom; no backpacks will be brought over to the computer side of the room.

-Please be respectful of everyone and everything in this classroom, if we have good energy throughout this semester if will allow you to enjoy the class more!

-There will be no cursing in my classroom whatsoever; I will write you up no questions asked if I hear it. Even in conversation to another student…I don’t care I don’t want it in my classroom.

-I will not take any work LATE; I give you two weeks per assignment that is more than enough time for you to take ten photographs. I don’t care what the reason is, unless you have a note from a doctor!!!