Performance Management Tool: Technical Manager


Performance Management Tool: Technical Manager

Name of Technical Manager____________________________________________________

Name of Supervisor: __________________________________________________________

Countries if Responsibility _____________________________________________________

Period Covered ______________________________ Today’s Date: ____________________

For use by the technical manager and/or supervisor to monitor job performance and review accomplishments every three months.

I. Performance Expectation

Performance Expectations

Strategic Management


Determine technical strategies, priorities, and approaches for the task order’s in-country activities in collaboration with the Regional

Manager and Country Director.

Deliverables/ Criteria Comments


Review and approve Country Strategic

Plans and annual work plan activities for technical soundness and consistency with project priorities and strategic approaches, working closely with Regional Managers and Country

Directors as well as other assigned resources.


Communicate project, Indefinite

Quantity Contract, and task order technical priorities to the country teams (e.g., interpreting priorities in the context of each team’s work and

This template accompanies

Performance Management for Health Logistics Workers: An Online Tool for Managers

, created by the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, Task Order 4, for the U.S. Agency for International Development

Performance Expectations

identifying resources for implementation).


Identify and advocate for opportunities for the application core-funded technical activities in country and share country experiences with corefunded activity managers.

Quality Assurance of Technical Work


Provide ongoing quality assurance for in-country technical activities through development, identification, and recommendation for use of appropriate tools, methodologies, and approaches to all technical work. Review and certify quality of deliverables for acceptance and approval.


Collaborate with the Regional

Manager to provide technical oversight and quality assurance of incountry activities and deliverables.


Review short-term technical assistance scopes of work for appropriate technical design and approach. Where necessary, lead the development of a prototype scope of work as a guide to country teams, defining key resource requirements and technical approaches to ensure optimal results.


Work with country teams to ensure that task order monitoring and evaluation requirements are met, and monitor the development, implementation, and operation of systems or processes to meet those requirements.

Deliverables/ Criteria Comments

Performance Expectations

Knowledge Management


Provide technical review of routine country reports including quarterly reports and Procurement Planning and

Monitoring Report.


Develop and support internal communications related to country work, in close collaboration with the

Regional Managers and country teams, to assure that country technical products are made widely and appropriately available and that lessons learned are shared within and outside the project.


Respond to USAID | Washington requests for information about country technical activities.


Participate in the project’s countryfocused or other topical working groups.


Liaise with the project’s central staff and regional bureaus, USAID

Missions, other donor organizations

(e.g., UNFPA, WHO, World Bank),

USAID Cooperating Agencies and projects, and other concerned organizations and individuals as needed on country technical issues.

Deliverables/ Criteria

Goal 1:

Goal 2:

Goal 3:


II. Individual Performance Plan

According to the performance expectations, develop your own learning objectives.

Rate your own skill level. Discuss with your supervisor how you would achieve them.

A. Skill Areas

Skill Areas / Learning Objectives





Lower-level Mid-level High-level

B. Mentoring Plan and Methods

Meeting schedule: Monthly meeting with supervisor during the first three months.

The schedule will be developed when needed.

C. Calendar of Learning Objectives and Activities

Expected outputs Tentative dates Technical skills area of development

Outstanding issues for follow-up:

Other comments: