Principal Doreen Herrick Lowell Elementary 920 East Broadway Road

Principal Doreen Herrick
Lowell Elementary
Mrs. Velazquez’s
6th Grade Teacher
Room 29
Principal Doreen Herrick
Lowell Elementary
920 East Broadway Road
920 East Broadway Road
Mrs. Velazquez
About Mrs. Velazquez
Welcome to Mrs. Velazquez’s Class at Lowell
Elementary! I am very excited to be part of the
Lowell Family. Our school has an outstanding
group of teachers, faculty and parents. I have been
teaching at the primary level for 10 years. I really
am going to enjoy working with your 6th grade
students because they are so eager to learn new
ideas and topics. My goal is to meet and help each
student reach and exceed their learning goals! I
would like to take this opportunity to share with you
the expectations for our classroom, as well as what
we will be studying.
Contact Information
I welcome parent contact at any time, whether to
Be Punctual!
Classroom Rules and Discipline
Lowell is an AVID Elementary school this year. AVID stands for
Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a program designed to be
embedded into the daily curriculum of all elementary classrooms across entire
grade levels to impact school-wide structures. Our systemic approach provides
different curricula for different levels and settings in order to support all students
on their path to college readiness. AVID Elementary is a foundational component
of college readiness skills.
Our Primary Focus:
• Student Success Skills: communication skills and study skills
• Organization: mental and physical organization within agenda/planner,
organizational tools, time management, goal setting, note-taking strategies
AVID is a college preparatory program that prepares students to attend a fouryear college upon high school graduation. The AVID binder is a requirement for
every AVID student. It becomes one of the tools for student academic success.
AVID students learn the importance of keeping a neat, complete, and organized
binder. The AVID binder is one of the first ways that teachers will be able to
identify AVID students. The AVID binder should be good quality, two-inch to
three-inch binder. The reason students need to carry a larger binder is so that
they always have their notes and assignments with them to make good use of
any free time during school requirement and what a large component of the AVID
program it is. On-going communication will be necessary with teachers to
problem-solve how AVID students will be able to meet the binder requirement.
address questions/concerns or just to share a
success in your child’s life. My email address is and my school phone
number is (480)472-1400. E-mail is the easiest way
for me to connect with parents, but I am happy to
conference over the phone or to schedule a
conference after 2:45 p.m. on Tuesdays and
Reinforce the importance of school attendance with your child. At one time or
another, your child will probably ask you, “Do I have to go to school today?” He
may be tired from staying up late, afraid of a big test, or may just want to stay
home to watch TV or play on the computer. Here are some ways you can make
sure your child gets to school every day—on time—and ready to learn.
• Get your child to bed on time. A sleepy child can’t get up. He dawdles over
breakfast. He misses the bus. Remember: Late nights lead to morning fights.
• Stay in touch with the school. If you know there’s a science test on
Tuesday, help your child study—don’t let him stay home.
• Let your child see that you value education. Tell him that when he misses a day
of school, he is missing the opportunity to learn new things.
Make sure your child attends school every school day!
Classroom Rules:
Evaluation Methods:
Our classroom rules/ guidelines/ procedures are important key
elements to a safe and positive learning environment and will be
referred to often! I strongly encourage all rules/ guidelines/
policies/ procedures as well as those outlined in the Lowell
handbook, be read and discussed carefully to avoid any
negative situations. We all want to experience a cooperative and
successful school year! An orderly and safe classroom leads to
a productive and positive learning environment.
Classroom Rules:
1. Show Respect
2. Solve Problems
3. Make Positive Choices
4. Do your best
5. Be a role model to ALL students
Tests/ Quizzes; Class work/ Homework; projects/ Activities; and
Class Participation.
Discipline Policy
“Adjustments” Behavior Plan
To monitor student behavior I implement an adjustment behavior
plan. This plan is a positive outlook on adjusting student’s
behavior. It is modeled and monitored by the teacher until
students are able to self-monitor and make their own
adjustments. Each day the teacher tracks adjustments.
At the end of day, students who do not have to make any
adjustments receive a sticker on a chart.
Students who make 5 or more adjustments, get a red note home
which needs to be signed by a parent and brought back the next
day. Those who do not bring back their red note will be required
to call their parent. Students with 1-4 adjustments receive no
incentive or consequence. After 20 stickers, student receives
incentive (candy, soda, homework pass, etc)
Homework Policy:
• Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.
• Students are required to read 20 minutes every night.
• Homework is written daily in planners. Please check your
child’s planner each night.
• Assignments received late will be reflected in the overall grade
for the assignment.
• When your child is absent, they will receive an equal amount of
days to complete and turn in their work for each absence. It is
the student’s responsibility to complete all work missed due to
an absence.
• When a student is aware of an upcoming absence, he/she may
notify me and work may be given in advance.
Grading Scale:
A+ Excellent 95%-100%
A- Excellent 90%-94%
B+ Very Good 86%-89%
B Good 85%
B- Good 80%-84%
C+ Average 76%-79%
C Average 75%
C- Average 70%-74%
D+ Poor 66%-69%
D Poor 65%
D- Poor 60%-64%
F Failing 5%-0%
Class Policies:
Participation: Participation is mandatory. You will have a difficult time
passing this class if you do not participate. Participation includes
complete in and out of class work, adding to class discussions, and
answering questions.
Instructor’s Expectations: This is a 6th grade AVID course. As such I
expect that you will take the course seriously and behave in a mature
manner. This means you are expected to:
1. Be Responsible: You must complete the readings and assignments. If
you are unprepared to participate your grade will be negatively impacted.
2. Be Safe: You must ask questions, participate in activities, and practice
in order to be successful.
3. Be Respectful: At times our discussions may find people disagreeing
over views. This is a healthy part of discourse. Please make sure to
maintain a respectful tone.
4. Use proper English: Different environments call for different forms of
language. The way you speak in class should be more formal than the
way you speak when hanging out with your friends. This is good practice
for when you are in the workforce.
The life of a 6th Grader
Daily Procedures
1. Students are to enter the classroom in an orderly
manner with the necessary supplies each day.
(Necessary supplies include: assigned books,
completed homework tray, notebooks, paper, pencil/
pen, ect.)
2. Students are to sit in assigned seats and quietly
begin daily/ bell work.
3. Students are to listen carefully and actively
participate in the daily lesson of each subject.
4. Students are to raise their hands and politely wait
to be acknowledged by teacher.
Lesson- related questions and comments are always
5. Students are not allowed to walk around classroom
during guided instruction time.
No inappropriate interruptions will be tolerated!
6. Students are to respect themselves and other at all
times. No touching other students or other student’s
property at any time. Teacher’s desk and personal
property are OFF limits to students.
7. At no time is inappropriate language to be used!
8. Students will be given homework daily in the
subjects of Spelling, Reading/ ELA, and Social
Studies when necessary). Homework should be
returned daily inside homework trays first thing in the
morning. Students should study for all tests, which will
be given on Fridays.
9. No late work will be accepted- except in case of a
student’s absence. Missing work will count as 0%.
10. Students are to leave the classroom in an orderly
manner! Our classroom is to remain neat and clean
as possible- no food is allowed during guided class
We are a team!
Helpful Tips
Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Sixth Grade
• Take the time to read with your child daily.
• Provide enrichment materials, including children’s books
and magazines, and educational toys.
• Provide a quiet, private work space where your child
can study undisturbed.
• Keep your child’s work space well stocked with all the
supplies he or she needs to complete assignments.
• Take time to sit down with your child and help him
schedule homework into his daily routine.
• Reward good grades with recognition and praise, and
avoid the temptation to use money or food as a bribe for
good performance.
• Take advantage of educational events in your
community as often as possible.
• Value your child’s uniqueness and avoid comparing him
or her to others.
• Limit the amount of television/computer/video games
your child participates in to one hour on school days and
two hours on weekend days.
• Encourage creative thinking by asking your child to help
solve problems.