Ms. Sherry Walton About Us

Ms. Sherry Walton
About Us
During the 2015/2016 school year, I will be
your child’s 5th grade teacher at Kerr
Elementary School. While I am new to Mesa
Public Schools, I am not new to teaching. I
am an experienced teacher with much to
share with your child. Your child’s success is
my goal.
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Class Guidelines
Be respectful of self, others, and school
Be prepared with your homework and
necessary materials.
Be counted: class attendance is imperative
for understanding class concepts.
Be awesome and do your very best.
Mesa Public Schools
Mission Statement:
The mission of Mesa Public Schools is to
develop a highly educated and productive
community, one student at a time.
Contact Us
Phone: 480-472-5138
Be on time and be in your desk prepared to
work when the bell rings.
5th Grade English, spelling,
reading, math, science, and
social studies.
“Success is the sum of small
efforts repeated day in and
day out.” Robert Collier
Class consequences:
Classroom Procedures
Entering the classroom: Line up outside the
classroom with your materials and
homework ready to go when you hear the
Enter the classroom silently and report to
your assigned seat and begin working on
your warm-up. On Monday’s you will find a
weekly assignment sheet on your desk with
your spelling words and other important
Exiting the classroom: Clean your area
around your desk and pick up any trash.
Make sure you have all of your personal
items. Sit quietly and wait to be dismissed.
Exit safely.
Hand in work: Pass work to the front of the
classroom and across to the appropriate
Quiet signal: (Bell rings) Stop talking, look at
teacher, freeze, and prepare to listen.
You are responsible for your behavior at all
times. Use self-control as procedures and
class guidelines will be enforced
consistently. When you choose to ignore
them, you choose a natural consequence,
and may also receive some form of
punishment as stated in the school’s Rights
and Responsibilities manual.
Consequence Ladder:
Verbal warning
Relocation in the classroom
Incident report sent home
Teacher conference
Parent phone call
Referral to office
Extreme behavior: Removal from the class
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Verbal encouragement/Praise
Preferred activity points. (PAT)
Positive note or phone call home.
Homework pass
Earned computer or library time.
Parents are welcome to assist in the
classroom or visit the class by checking in at
the office first.