Objective: Topic: Do: Level of Thinking:

Topic: Child Abuse
Do: Students will understand the effects
alcohol and drugs on unborn babies
shaking a baby
Level of Thinking: Understanding
Effects of Alcohol on Unborn
Drinking alcohol while pregnant
Causes Birth Defects
Alcohol and Pregnancy Do Not Mix!
Alcohol can damage a fetus
anytime during the
pregnancy even before she
knows she is pregnant.
All types of alcohol should be
There is no safe type or amount of that is
known to be safe.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby
Alcohol consumed anytime during
pregnancy increases the risk of:
O Birth defects
O Lower weight and size
O Abnormal facial features
O Nervous system problems
O Problems with learning
Learning and behavior
problems are lifelong.
All of these problems are
100% preventable!
Discuss and answer questions
One and Two with a partner.
Effects of
Exposure to an
Unborn Child
Harmful Drug Types
O Prescription Drugs- ordered
by a doctor
O Nonprescription Drugs- you can buy
somewhere like Walgreens ( Aspirin)
O Vitamins and Minerals
Social Drugs
Illegal Drugs
and other “street drugs”
Using drugs anytime during
pregnancy affects the unborn
O The larger the amount of a drug a
mother uses, and the longer she uses it,
the greater the risks to the unborn child.
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Using Drugs Increases Risks
O Prenatal death
O Premature birth
O Miscarriage
O Birth defects
O Low birth weight
O Small size
O Small head
Babies may have withdrawal
symptoms after they are born.
O Tremors
O Sleeplessness
O Muscle spasms
O Feeding problems
Drug Exposed Babies may also
O Behavior problems
O Learning problems
O Suffer from Neglect and Abuse
Baby Demonstration/Drug
Addicted Baby
O Sounds are recorded from a real baby.
Discuss and answer questions
3 and 4
Shaken Baby Syndrome or SBS
What is it?
Child abuse that
involves shaking a baby
Legal Charges that
may occur:
O Child Protective Services is called and all
children will be removed from the home
O Charged with Assault on a Child
O Charged with homicide if a baby dies
from Shaken Baby Syndrome
What it IS and is NOT
SBS is…
O Form of child abuse
O Unique type of injury
O From forceful, violent
O Preventable
SBS is not…
O Form of punishment
O Preexisting condition
O Always seen with bruises
O Caused by car
accidents, falling or
rough playing
Facts about SBS
O 25% of babies shaken die from injuries
O The remaining 75% can suffer severe
brain damage
O About 60% of victims die from their
injuries later or suffer lifetime disabilities
O SBS most common cause of death in abused
O There may be no visible signs of injury
O There may not be signs of injury until the child
starts school and shows learning or behavioral
O Children as old as 5 or 6 have died from SBS
Profile of a victim
O Most are less than one year old
O The majority are under 6 months old
O Twins have a higher chance of being shaken
Profile of a shaker
O Most are male
O Most are the baby’s father or
mother’s boyfriend
O Mothers, grandparents, stepparents,
other relatives can shake babies
O Anyone who becomes frustrated
Reasons a baby is easily hurt
O Heavy head- 25% of body weight
O Weak neck muscles
O Extra space inside the skull
O Delicate veins that tear and bleed
O easily
O Brain is still developing
What happens when you shake
a baby?
O First-
baby may become visually impaired or blind
O Next-
loss of memory and emotion &
suffer learning and behavior problems
O Finally-
baby loses the ability to speak and hear
possibly paralyzed on one or both sides
and can result in death
Shaken Baby
What is the #1 reason for
shaking a baby?
O To stop the child from crying
Other common reasons
O Frustration with:
potty training
picky appetite
baby is sick and cranky
Reasons baby cry
O Is hungry
O Needs to burp
O Needs a diaper change
O Is too hot or cold
O Is getting sick
O Is tired
O Is over-stimulated
Ways to soothe a crying baby
O Create a new noise to distract
O Sing to the baby
O Show the baby something to look at
O Rock the baby
O Push the baby in a stroller
O Take them for a car ride
O Give them a warm bath
O 3 new things you learned today?
O 2 ways you can use this information.
O 1 thing you are unsure of or have a question