Diesel Vaporization Team Project Image Here

Diesel Vaporization Team
Brad Miller, Jay Penick, and Elliott Tibor
Advisor: Dr. Puri
The goal of this project is to investigate the feasibility and
benefits of totally vaporizing diesel fuel prior to the ignition stage
in combustion engines. Diesel fuel is more efficient than gas and
diesel engines are more durable, but the interest in diesel
powered cars has decreased in the United States mostly
because of strict emission standards. Understanding diesel
vaporization could lead to technologies which will significantly
decrease the production of environmentally harmful noxious
gases and increase the energy output of the fuel.
Project Image Here
Velocity and path of fuel in an engine cylinder
snowed in
team photo pending
Project Summary: Our project involves the modeling and
testing of diesel fuel injection.
 We will create an analytical ANSYS model of the injection
 We will test this model by creating an experimental
apparatus which uses a MATLAB code to determine the
homogeneity of fuel vapor in a cylinder.
 This data will be compared with existing literature on diesel
fuel efficiency and analyzed for feasibility.
 Future work could include design of a commercial
prevaporization chamber to be easily retrofitted for diesel