Team DISCovery-Experimental DiscRotor

Team DISCovery-Experimental DiscRotor
Team Members: Jae Lee, Ryan Schaefer, Alex Telionis, Zach Vane
Advisor: Dr. Demetri Telionis, Chris Mesrobian
The goal of this project is to validate the theory that multiple
DiscRotor aircraft will outperform single DiscRotor and traditional
Key Features:
Our group will test two and three disc configurations in a wind
tunnel environment. We will then compare lift and drag data to
that of a single disc from previous experiments. Our results
will also be evaluated against traditional fixed wing and hover
aircraft. Wind tunnel testing of Reverse Velocity Rotors
(RVRs) will also be done in order to analyze more aspects of
the DiscRotor concept. We will then compare our RVR data to
that of the Computational Fluid Dynamics group.
From Left to Right: Zach Vane, Ryan Schaefer, Jae Lee
Not Pictured: Alex Telionis