Name:__________________________________________________ Date:__________ Period:_______ Weekly Assignment #4 [5]

Weekly Assignment #4 [5]
Date:__________ Period:_______
Ms. Anderle
Weekly Assignment: 4
Answer each question below. You MUST show ALL work on a separate sheet of paper.
Attach the paper to the back of this sheet. It must be stapled.
1) Express
with a rational denominator, in simplest radical form.
2) Solve for x:
3) Find, to the nearest minute, the angle whose measure is 3.45 radians.
4) Matt places $1,200 in an investment account earning an annual rate of 6.5%,
compounded continuously. Using the formula V=Pert, where V is the value of the account in
t years, P is the principle initially invested, e is the base of a natural logarithm, and r is the
rate of interest, determine the amount of money, to the nearest cent, that Matt will have in
the account after 10 years.
5) If θ is an angle in standard position and its terminal side passes through the point (-3,2),
find the exact value of csc θ.