Name:__________________________ Date:_____ Period:____ Transformations Review

Transformations Review
Date:_____ Period:____
Ms. Anderle
Transformations Review Sheet
Complete all work on a separate sheet of paper. Graph each transformation.
1. ΔJKL has vertices J(6,-1), K(10,-2), and L(5,-3). Graph ΔJKL and its image after a
T0,4 and a reflection in the y-axis.
2. ΔPQR has vertices P(1,1), Q(2,5), and R(4,2). Graph ΔPQR and its image after the
glide reflection rx-axis ◦ T-3,-3.
3. Quadrilateral LISA has vertices L(-3,4), I(-1,3), S(-1,1), and A(-4,2). Graph LISA
and its image after rx-axis ◦ T5,0
4. ΔTUV has vertices T(2,-1), U(5,-2), and V(3,-4). Graph ΔTUV and its image after a
transformation (x,y)(x – 1, y + 5) and a rotation of 180˚. Is this a glide
5. ΔDFG has vertices D(2,8), F(1,2), and G(4,6). Graph ΔDFG and its image after ry=x
◦ T3,3. Is this a glide reflection?
6. If M is the transformation, (x,y)  (-x,y-3), then what is the image of (-1,4) after
the transformation M?
7. What is the image of point (-3,9), under the mapping M: (x,y)  ( x, y)?
8. Given: Pentagon FRANK with coordinates F(2,2), R(4,0), A(2,-2), N(-2,-2),
K(-4,0). Write the coordinates of the images of the given point after the
transformation described.
a. F’R’A’N’K’, the image of FRANK after a reflection in the line y=x
b. F”R”A”N”K”, the image of F’R’A’N’K’ after a reflection in the y-axis.
9. Name the transformation that is not isometry.
10. Which transformation does not preserve orientation.
11. Graph ΔABC with vertices A(1,4), B(3,7), and C(5,1). Graph and label the
composition T-5,-2 ◦ rx-axis.
12. Graph ΔTOM with vertices T(-2,3), O(4,5), and M(0,5). Graph and label the
composition R90˚ ◦ ry-axis.
13. Graph ΔEMY with vertices E(2,5), M(8,7), and Y(6,4). Graph and label the
composition R-90˚ ◦ T-5,1.
14. Graph ΔBUG with vertices B(1,1), U(1,5), and G(6,1). Graph and label the
composition ry=x ◦ ry-axis. Is there a single transformation that can accomplish
these transformations?
15. Draw in the lines of symmetry.
16. What is the definition of point symmetry?