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Determine the net force in the situations below. Then use the information to answer the following
1. You apply 45N of force to a large box. The box does not move. Draw a Force Diagram of this
situation. Include the following forces: Friction, Applied Force, Normal Force, Gravity.
a. What is the acceleration of the box?
b. Is the box in motion or at equilibrium?
2. Examine the diagram below. Label the forces below as Friction, Applied Force, Normal Force,
Weight. Determine the mass of the object using the supplied forces. What is the net force?
-629.16N _________________
45N ______________
-30N ____________________
3. You have been voted off the planet. You are being relocated to the mars. You have a mass of
a. What’s the difference between mass and weight?
b. If the moon has a lower force of gravity what will happen to your mass? What will
happen to your weight?
c. Determine your weight on the moon if acceleration due to gravity of the moon is
d. We have decided the moon is too good for you. You are being sent to Mercury. The
acceleration due to gravity on Mercury is 23.4m/s2. What is your weight here?
4. Estimate your weight in pounds. For every 1 pound there is 4.4482N. Determine your weight in
Newtons. With your weight in Newtons determine your mass.