3 Quarter: Individual Assignments Homework and Projects are to be typed.

3rd Quarter: Individual Assignments
All homework listed here is to be done individually.
Homework and Projects are to be typed.
HW #1: Write a one-page essay responding to Jesus’ question, “Who do you say that I am?” (Mark 8:27, Matthew 16:13,
Luke 9:18. In your essay make sure to include your response to the following questions:
What meaning does Jesus’ life have for me? How have my thoughts, perceptions or beliefs changed so far this year?
HW # 2: Interview a person that you believe lives out one of the beatitudes (Matthew 5:1 – 12) by volunteering at an
organization that helps bring the kingdom of God to Earth. Include the following questions in your interview.
1. What is the organization and what does it do?
2. How and why did the person get involved with the organization?
3. What type of work do they do there and what is involved with that work?
4. How has their work influenced their own life?
5. How has their work influenced the lives of others?
6. How is their work connected to their faith?
After interviewing her/him ask yourself:
What beatitude do you believe the person you interviewed lives out the most and why?
Write a two page typed essay on the results of your interview and research. This assignment counts as
TWO homework assignments!
HW #3: Read ONE passage from the Gospel of Matthew listed below (that was assigned to you in class) and spend
some time reflecting on what Jesus is trying to teach his followers. Write a one-page reflection explaining what you
think Jesus is trying to teach. Be sure to include an explanation as to how this teaching may be difficult or
challenging to live by and how this teaching can influence how we relate to others.
Matthew 5:38 – 42
Matthew 5: 43 – 48
Matthew 6:19 – 21
Matthew 7:1 – 5
Matthew 7:7 – 11
Parables of Jesus
In groups of one to three people sign up to explore a parable of Jesus.
PART A. As a group choose one parable from the list of parables given out in class.
In your own words summarize the parable. Answer the following questions as a group;
What are the symbols and images in the parable and what do they mean?
What is Jesus trying to teach us in this parable?
How does this teaching relate to our world today?
Hand in a one page typed summary of your group’s response to the questions above.
PART B. Choose a creative way to share your findings with the class. Be certain that you answer the
questions above and use the creativity and talent of the group. Make your parable current and relevant
to today’s world.
· A SONG: Change the lyrics to a well known song
Play or perform the song in class and type up and hand in the lyrics to the song
· A CHILDREN’S STORYBOOK: make a storybook for a child (3 to 6 years old) to understand
the meaning of your parable. The storybook should be 16 to 20 pages in length and be ORIGINAL.
DUE DATE: Friday, March 16th