Spanish Conversations and Rubric:

Spanish Conversations and Rubric:
Between now and the end of the 3rd marking quarter (Friday 27 March 2009), and at various
points in the 4th marking quarter, you will be required to have a very brief conversation with your
Spanish teacher in class. It will be graded as follows:
Each conversation must have 6 exchanges (1 exchange is a question followed by an answer).
Each exchange will be worth 4 points:
4 – if what you say is a complete sentence, comprehensible, where all subjects and verbs and
nouns and adjectives agree.
3 – a complete sentence with minor errors in grammar
2 – an utterance that clearly is relevant and answers the question but contains grammatical errors
1 – a one-word answer that answers that conveys meaning but lacks development
0 – you clearly don’t understand the question and did not try to answer it
Since there are 6 exchanges, each worth 4 points, that equals 24. I will throw in 1 to make it 25.
Your test grade will be your score on the conversation times 4 (25x4=100%)
Please don’t ask for your score immediately afterwards – you can come see me in the morning,
after school, or check on Parent Connect.
In terms of the content of conversation, anything we have learned this year is fair game.
However, keep especially in mind what we have learned in Chapter 4a – possessive adjectives,
family and –ir verbs. The following are some examples, but different variations on what you see
below can be asked, depending on how the conversation goes.
¿Cuántos hermanos tienes? ¿Eres hijo unico?
¿Cómo se llama? ¿Cómo se llaman?
¿Cómo es? ¿Cómo son?
¿Dónde vives? ¿Dónde vive?
¿Quién es tu pariente favorito?
¿Por qué?
¿Cuántos años tiene? ¿Cuántos años tienen?