Assessment Impact of the First World War

Impact of the First
World War
1. This is a formal assessment and is to be done in silence.
2. All answers are to be written on the loose-leaf provided.
3. The amount of points awarded for each question is shown in brackets (10)
4. Spend more time on the questions with the most marks.
5. Try and write in paragraphs whenever possible.
6. Due Monday March 31st – No late assignments will be accepted.
Trench Warfare
Source A
Q1. Study Source A. Copy and complete the chart below to help you
describe the key features of a First World War Trench.
Q2. Looking at your chart can you spot a key feature of a trench that has not
been mentioned?
Q3. Look at Source B. How did this soldier catch this disease?
Source B: First World War Soldier’s feet, 1916
Impact of the First World War
Source C: The Treaty of Versailles, 1919
Q4. What was the name of the treaty which ended the First World War?
Q5. Name 5 countries which signed this peace treaty.
Q6. Using Source C and your knowledge explain how the Treaty of Versailles
was meant to stop another war from happening.
Remember a treaty is similar to a behaviour contract for a whole country.
Impact of the First World War
Source D: A British Cartoon that appeared in a newspaper in 1919.
Q7. Look at Source D. Which figure was supposed to be Germany?
Q8. Using your own knowledge describe what is supposed to be happening to
Germany in Source D.
Q9. Read Sources E and F. Which part of the Treaty of Versailles caused the
most problems for Germany? Why?
Source F: Clemenceau, French President, 1918.
Source E: Lloyd George, British Prime Minister 1919.
‘Germany must be brought to book; We demand reparation and revenge’
‘We will squeeze Germany until the pips squeak.’
Reparation = to pay for the damage.
Causes of the Second World War
Q10. Using Sources G, F and your own knowledge explain why the German
people hated the Treaty of Versailles?
Source G: Central Europe after the Treaty of Versailles, 1919.
Source F: German Newspaper, 1919.
Today in the Hall of Mirrors, the disgraceful
Treaty is being signed. Do not forget it. The
German people will with unceasing labour
press forward to reconquer the place among
nations to which it is entitled. Then will come
vengeance for the shame of 1919.
Remember to try and write in paragraphs and make sure that your work has a
clear introduction and conclusion