Name ______________________________ Date _____ Class _____ Weekly Review #9

Name ______________________________
Weekly Review #9
Date _____ Class _____
Mr. Lynch
Part I: Place the letter of the correct answer on the line provided!
_____ 1) The point of concurrency of the three altitudes of a triangle is called the:
a) orthocenter
b) centroid
c) incenter
d) circumcenter
_____ 2) Which of the following methods could be used to prove ΔABD  ΔCBD?
a) AA
b) SAS
c) SSS
d) ASA
_____ 3) Which of the following is logically equivalent to ~ b → f ?
a) b → ~ f
b) f → ~ b
c) ~ f → b
_____ 4) Which is not a property of a rhombus?
a) the diagonal are perpendicular
c) the diagonal bisect the angles
e) HL
d) p → q
b) the diagonals bisect each other
d) the diagonals are congruent
_____ 5) Given a pair of parallel lines, the locus of points equidistant from this point may be
described as:
a) one line
b) two lines
c) a circle
d) a point
Part II: Complete each of the following!
6) Find the equation in slope-intercept form on the line passing through the point (-1,8) and
having an undefined slope.
7) The vertices of triangle ABC are A(-2,1), B(-1,4), and C(-5,2).
a) Graph and label triangle ABC.
b) Graph and state the coordinate of A′B′C′, the image of ABC after a reflection in the xaxis.
c) Graph and state the coordinates of triangle A′′B′′C′′, the image of A′B′C′ after a
translation R270.
d) Graph and state the coordinates of triangle A′′′B′′′C′′′, the image of A′′B′′C′′ after D2.
Given: CA is the bisector of <BAD
AC is perpendicular to BD
Prove: AB  AD
9) Triangle ABC has vertices A(3,0), B(9,3), and C(9,-2).
a) Graph and label triangle ABC.
b) Find M, the midpoint of AB.
c) Find N, the midpoint of AC.
d) Prove MN = ½ BC.
e) Prove MN is parallel to BC.
10) Construct a truth table for (~ p V q) ↔ (~q → p). (Use a straightedge!!!)
a) Is the truth table a tautology? (Yes or No?)
b) Are the statements ~ p V q and ~q → p logically equivalent? Give a sentence why or
why not?