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Chapter 7 - Weather Systems - Pages 163 - 183
40. Where is air pressure placed on a station model?
41. How do you decode air pressure on a station model?
42. Where is the barometric trend located on a station model?
43. What does decreasing atmospheric pressure mean?
44. What does increasing air pressure mean?
45. What does the number below the barometric trend represent?
46. Define air mass.
Period ______
Code # ______
47. Define Front.
48. What occurs when a front passes through an area?
49. What will eventually occur within the new air mass over time?
Meteorologists use a two letter code to identify temperature and humidity characteristics of an air mass. Each one has a
small letter followed by a capital letter. Name and describe each of the following:
50. cA
51. cP
52. cT
53. mT
54. mP