NAME: _______________________________ DECEMBER 12, 2013 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2

NAME: _______________________________
DECEMBER 12, 2013
Directions: Answer ANY 8 of the 9 questions. Answer all parts in the questions you choose. Each question is 15
points; 110 is the max on this test. Open the exam in Microsoft Word and insert your answers after each question.
Save and print when finished. Question 10 is your portfolio question for the week. Copy it into a separate file,
answer it, save it, and print it out.
We have seen a number of video clips. From the description, determine if the clip illustrates the Turing Test or
the Chinese Room:
a. In the TV show Num3ers, the computer Bailey is compared to a genetically modified (blue) rose.
b. In the TV show Num3ers, the computer Bailey is compared to thousands of Cyrano de Bergeracs.
c. In the movie Short Circuit, Newton Crosby tells Johnny 5 a joke.
d. In the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation, in the episode Measure of a Man, Dr. Maddox
refers to Data as "it."
e. In the movie Short Circuit, Newton Crosby conducts a Rorschach (ink-blot) Test.
2. In the episode “Measure of a Man” from Star Trek: TNG, Dr. Maddox believes that Data is “property” and not
a living being.
a. What term does Dr. Maddox use to distinguish Data from other crew members (the term he used
to describe what Data lacked)?
b. What were the three characteristics that Dr. Maddox explained that Data must have to achieve
the term in Part A?
3. The Turing Test is a simulation to see if a computer can “think.” A simulation of this is a party game, where two
guests (one male, one female) are in 2 separate rooms, and a third, through a series of questions, tries to
discover which is male and which is female.
Please draw a diagram that depicts the Turing Test.
4. John Searle has long been a critic of Strong AI.
a. Name his counter theory to the Turing Test.
b. Discuss how this theory works.
5. Identify the four sources that demonstrate Evidence of Human Intelligence.
6. There are 4 stages of development according to Piaget. Name them.
7. Identify the statement based on the 4 types of introspective learning (Subconscious, Emotional, Inspired, or
a. Doing well on a current events test not because of study, but because your parents have a news
radio station playing in the background all of the time.
b. When asked, “How did you know that?” you respond, “It just came to me.”
c. You remember something based on the fact you learned it incorrectly.
d. When you ask a teacher, “Why do you seem so crazy in class when you teach?” the teacher responds
“Sometimes you really have to get into something to learn it.”
e. In the ‘70’s, some thought if you taped a lecture, and played it while you slept, you’d remember all
of it.
8. Specifically from Lurch’s Little Helper:
a. Gomez Addams built a robot for Lurch named what?
b. What part did Pugsley Adams (the son) tell Gomez that he was going to build for the robot?
c. Gomez never used the term technology. What term did he use?
d. Did the robot show sentience? Why or why not?
e. Ned Ludd lived in the 19th century. Identify the part of the program in which Lurch imitates Ned
9. Choose Wisely:
An example of emergence is (THE HUMAN GENOME or THE CHINESE ROOM).
The Chinese Room was described by (JOHN SEARLE or ALAN TURING).
"I think therefore I am" is a quote attributed to (RENE DESCARTES or JEAN PIAGET).
The Chinese Room exemplifies (WEAK AI or STRONG AI).
If a computer beats the Turing Test, it wins (THE LOEBER PRIZE or THE NOBEL PRIZE).
Complete the following SAT type analogy: Biggie is to Tupac as (MIT IS TO STANFORD or STANFORD IS
G. During the Turing Test, the subjects (AREN'T SEEN or ARE SEEN).
H. In Robbie, the young physics student at the Museum was (SUSAN CALVIN or BELLA SWAN).
I. Alan Turing did not go to the Dartmouth Conference because (HE HAD ALREADY DIED or BRITISH AI
J. In Robbie (A story by Isaac Asimov..hint-hint), which parent felt more comfortable with the robot?
This is your portfolio question for the week. Copy it into a separate file, answer it, save it, and print it out.
10. In the rush to prove intelligence to traditionally non-intelligent agents, sometimes scientists mistakenly
attribute a capacity to an agent when the capacity is supplied by the environment.
a. Identify one of the two situations discussed in class which applies here.
b. Discuss the circumstances of the case selected. Be sure to include the “intelligence” attributed to
the agent.
Discuss why your selection appeared to behave intelligently, but did not possess the capacity their
behavior suggests.