Mountain View High School School Improvement Advisory Council

Mountain View High School
School Improvement Advisory Council
Minutes from September 15, 2014
Members Attendance: Greg Milbrandt, Principal. Teachers/Staff: Shera Gilmore, Kim Gordon, Meg
Howell, Mitch Webster. Danny Farmer, Jeff Huffman, Robert Boyle, Ryan Norton, Nathan Hinze,
Michael Moon, Lorraine Scaven, Beki Stallings, Parents: Cynthia Halliday, Kate Smith, Joci Burgener,
Kim Stinebuck, Laura Metcalf, Frank Estadt, Katharine Gonzales, Bessie Payan, Garrett Smith, Neena
Kimball, Lisa Keller, Angela Tahiliani, Students: Sam Stoffer, Austin LeSueur, Deziree Coleman, Tohid
Moosavy, Parth Bhakta, Chandler Sanka, Jill Hatfield (Student Council).
I. Meeting called to order at 3:46 p.m.
A. Meg Howell welcomes members and explained briefly the purpose of SIAC and the importance
of each member group: parents, students and faculty/staff.
B. Ms. Howell shared with the members that they can find the SIAC Bylaws on the MVHS website.
Meg Howell stated that SIAC is composed of: 3 parents from each grade level, 3 students from
each grade level, Mountain View faculty/staff, and the principal. She also described the duties
and responsibilities of SIAC.
C. Introductions of 2014-2015 SIAC members.
II. New Business
A. Guest Speakers – Dr. Pete Lesar, Assistant Superintendant of Human Resources for MPS and
Mr. Dan Hink, a representative from the The Mesa Chamber of Commerce’s Citizens for
Responsible Public Policy came to the meeting to present information on the Budget Override
that will be on the ballot on November 4th. Mr. Hink shared that the override allows the school
district to exceed its budget by 10 percent.
1. If approved, the election authorizes an increase for 7 years, but the override must be
renewed every five years to maintain full funding.
2. MPS has had a 10 percent override in place since 1995.
3. The override funds teaching positions, security staff, academic programs, employee
compensation and classroom supplies.
4. The current cost of the override for the owner of an average home in the district is
$140.66 a year.
5. Homeowners will have to pay additional taxes with this override. The homeowner of an
average will only have to pay an additional $5.18 a year
6. If the override is not continued, the district will need to reduce its budget by
approximately $10.6 million for each of the next three years for a total reduction of $31.8
7. On the November ballot, it is referred to as a “budget override continuation.
8. The difference between a bon and an override is that a bond provides the district
additional funding to use for capital items such as new buildings, additions or renovations
to buildings, school buses, equipment and technology. Mesa voters last approved a bond
in November 2012. An override is for day to day operational expenses including salaries
and benefits, classroom supplies, utilities, and transportation. Mesa voters approved the
current override in November 2009.
B. Student Council Update: Jill Hatfield reported that many student council events have already
taken place: Freshmen orientation, go-fer day, club fair, traditions assembly, online freshmen
elections, and tailgate party. They are currently working on preparations for homecoming.
C. Principal Update:
1. Mr. Milbrandt reported that the technology upgrade is in full swing. The teachers and the
library have been equipped with the new Lenovo Thinkpads and new bluetooth projectors
are currently being installed in the classrooms.
2. Video Announcements are being shown every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
3. Homecoming Dance - Sat. the 27th
4. 1st home VB game Monday night
5. 1st Choir Concert next Tuesday
6. 1st Band Concert next Thursday
7. MenToros pairings for students needing tutoring starts this week
8. Badminton raised over $500 for charity last Friday
D. Approval of Trips
1. It was moved and seconded to approve the trips on the list.
2. Vote was unanimous.
E. SIAC Elections
1. Deziree Coleman nominated herself for secretary. It was seconded to close nominations
and Deziree was voted in by acclamation.
2. Bessie Payan nominated herself for Vice-Chairperson.
3. Parth Bhakta nominated himself for Vice-Chairperson.
4. Nominations were closed. Voting: Bessie Payan will serve as Vice-Chair.
5. Angela Tahilaini nominated Meg Howell. Nomination declined.
6. Kate Smith nominated herself for Chairperson.
7. Sam Stoffer nominated Danny Farmer. Nomination accepted.
8. Voting: Danny Farmer will serve as SIAC Chairperson 2014-15.
III. Discussion of Future Agenda Items:
A. School Report Card
Work Orders-District
Menu- Cafeteria
Honor Code
Special Education
School Maintenance
IV. Adjournment
Nathan Hinze moved to adjourn.
Seconded by Michael Moon.
Meeting adjourned at 5:28
Next meeting is on October 13, 2015