Questions submitted to the NAL national office in June 2012

June 2012
Social Studies – US Geography – Level I – Identify the state where
the Grand Canyon is located and the river which is responsible for
carving it. (Arizona, Colorado River)
Social Studies – US Law – Level I -- Identify the first woman to
serve on the US Supreme Court. She was appointed by President
Reagan in 1981. (Sandra Day O’Connor)
Soc St – US History – Level I -- Identify the new department
created by the federal government following the terrorist attacks
of September 2011. (Department of Homeland Security)
Soc St – US Geog – Level I – Name the 48th state admitted to the
Union, the last of the contiguous 48 states. It celebrated its 100th
anniversary as a state on Feb. 14, 2012. (Arizona)
Soc St – US History – Level I – Identify the political party that
formed in 1854 in opposition to slavery. (Republican Party)
Science – Astronomy – Level II – Identify the former planet in our
solar system which is no longer classified as a planet, and identify
its current classification. (Pluto, dwarf planet)
Soc St – US History – Level II -- State the name of the political
issue in which non-citizens enter the US to live and work, for
which Arizona created a controversial law in 2010 which was ruled
upon by the US Supreme Court in 2012. (illegal immigration)
Soc St – US History – Level II – State the name of the treaty with
Mexico that added the southern part of Arizona and New Mexico
to the US. (Gadsden Purchase)
Soc St – US History – Level II – Identify the state associated with
Geronimo, Cochise, and Wyatt Earp. (Arizona)
Soc St – Current Events – Level II – What nation faced a severe
nuclear crisis in 2011 and what caused this crisis to occur? (Japan,
Soc St – UG – Level II – Name the largest nuclear generation
facility in the United States. It is located in Arizona. (Palo Verde
Nuclear Generating Station)
Soc St – EC – Level II – Name the economic system that literally
means “let it be” and is used to describe a “hands-off” political
policy of not interfering in private business. (laissez-faire)
Soc St – Current Events – Level II – Name the country which
celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012. Also, name the monarch
and the number of years served for the Jubilee. (England or Great
Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, 60 years)
Eng – LT – Level II – Explain the difference between the 3rd
person omniscient point of view and the 3rd person limited
point of view. (The omniscient point of view allows the reader to
“know all,” to see and hear the story through many characters;
the limited point of view allows the reader to experience the story
through the eyes of only one character.)
Soc St – CE – Level II – BCE and CE are abbreviations which are
taking the place of BC and AD. What do they represent? (Before
Common Era and Common Era)
Soc St – UG – Level I – The Four Corners is the only location in
the United States where four states come together at one place.
Here a person can stand in four states at the same time.
Name these four states and answer the following
questions about them: (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and
If you list the capitals of the Four Corners states
alphabetically, which city appears first? (Denver)
Name the northernmost of the Four Corners states. It has a
Spanish name. (Colorado)
Which Four Corners state borders Texas? (New Mexico)
The Colorado River does not flow through which Four
Corners State? (New Mexico)
Which capital of a Four Corners state is farthest northwest?
(Salt Lake City)
Soc St – UL – Level II – Name the Supreme Court decision that
guarantees an individual’s right against self-incrimination. Identify
which Constitutional Amendment this ruling protects, and name 2
of 3 rights guaranteed to the individual.
(The Miranda Decision. Fifth Amendment . Right to remain silent;
right to an attorney; if person cannot afford an attorney, one will be
Soc St – WH – Level II – Name the man-made structure that
separated the capital of East and West Germany until it was
destroyed in 1989 by the Soviet Union. Name the long conflict
between the U.S. and Soviet Union which the destruction of this
structure brought to an end. Name the U.S. President who said
“Tear down this ______.” Name the Russian President to whom
he made this request.
(The Berlin Wall, the Cold War, President Ronald Reagan,
President Mikhail Gorbachev)
Soc St – WH – Level II – Which German-Jewish girl wrote a diary
during her 2 years in hiding from the Nazis during WWII, in which
city did she hide, what nickname did she give to her diary, and
what happened to her?
(Anne Frank; Amsterdam; “Kitty”; she was caught and died in a a
German concentration camp (Bergen-Belsen))
Eng – LT – Level II – The Hunger Games series of books has been
a blockbuster for teen and adult readers alike. Name the following
from the series:
● The author’s first and last name
● Katniss’s preferred weapon
● Katniss’s sister’s first name
● First names of the two boys who are her closest friends
● First name of her mentor in the games
● The number of her district
● Her district’s industry
● The name of her country
● The names of the 2 and 3 books in the series
(Suzanne Collins; bow and arrow; Primrose (Prim); Gale and
Peeta; Haymitch; 12; (coal) mining; Panem; Catching Fire and
Eng – LT – Level II – Match the following authors to the titles of
the books they have written:
● 1. Stephanie Meyer
A A Wrinkle in Time
● 2. J.K. Rowling
B Among the Hidden
● 3. Rick Riordan
C The Giver
● 4. Christopher Paolini
D Twilight
● 5. Margaret Peterson Haddix
E The Princess Bride
● 6. Lois Lowry
F Harry Potter
● 7. Philip Pullman
G The Outsiders
● 8. Madeleine L’Engle
H The Lightening Thief
● 9. William Goldman
I Eragon
● 10. S.E.Hinton
J The Golden Compass
Answers: 1-D, 2-F, 3-H, 4-I, 5-B, 6-C, 7-J, 8-A, 9-E, 10-G
Soc St – Current Events – Level I – Name the city and country of
the summer Olympics of 2012. Name the five colors of the
Olympic rings. What do the rings represent? In what country did
the games originate, and what were the original awards for the
(Answers: London, England; red, blue, green, yellow, black; the 5
continents; Greece; wreaths or laurels of olive leaves)
1. Limitation of size of sugary drinks. (Use the Viewpoints database.)
2. The infrastructure problems with highways and bridges and their
threats to public safety are represented by the collapse of the I-35
bridge that spans the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota
in 2007. The center of the debate over the country's infrastructure
is on raising the 1.6 trillion U.S. dollars needed to maintain them.
Teams should prepare a brief history of the infrastructure in the
United States and a cost effective plan to solve the problem.
Math – NE – Level I – Give the first four prime numbers.
(2, 3, 5, and 7)
Soc St – WH – Level I – In Greek mythology, name the father of
Icarus who also built the labyrinth. (Daedalus)
Math – GE – Level I – State the term for the distance around a
polygon. (perimeter)
Soc St – UL – Level I – State the legal term that refers to someone
who is under 18 years of age. (minor)
Sci – PS – Level I – State the scientific term for the smallest part
of an element. (atom)
Sci – PS – Level I – State the name for the type of energy that is
created by the motion of an object. (kinetic)
Eng – LT – Level I – What famous literary character is a dwarf
who spins straw into gold? (Rumpelstiltskin)
Sci – PS – Level I – Name the massive dark clouds from which rain
falls. (nimbus)
Eng – SP and VC – Level I – Say, spell and define: kinesthetic.
(Having to do with movement)
Math – GE – Level I – What is the point that the two rays of an
angle have in common? (vertex)
Eng – LT – Level I – What mythical beings waged an unsuccessful
war with the Olympian gods? (Titans)
Soc St – UH – Level I – What nation gave us the Statue of Liberty
and on what island is it located? (France, Liberty Island)
Sci – LS – Level I – Name the beetle known for attacking the
cotton plant. (boll weevil)
Sci – LS – Level I – What is the vitamin that comes from sunlight?
(vitamin D)
Soc St – UH – Level I – State the first and last names of the 41st
and 43rd U.S. Presidents who were father and son. (George H.W.
Bush and George W. Bush)
Sci – LS – Level I – Identify one of 2 of the most common fruits
of palm trees. (dates and coconuts)
Eng – GR – Level I – The object of the preposition is always one
of what 2 parts of speech? (noun or pronoun)
Sci – GS – Level I – An anemometer measures the speed of what?
Sci – GS – Level I – Name the 3 best metal conductors of
electricity. (silver, copper, gold)
Sci – GS – level I – What phase of matter is the best conductor of
heat? (solid)
Soc St – CE – Level II – State the name of the Internet socialnetworking site that recently sold shares publicly and made history
by the age of its creator and the value of its shares. (Facebook)
Soc St – UL – Level I – State the name for the final decision of the
jury in a court of law. (verdict)