VALENCIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE Annual Department Action Plan (DAP)

This form provides a documentation template for annual Department Action Plans (DAPs) designed to assess unit outcomes that are designed to impact the learning environment and improve the educational programs and processes of VCC. Initial information and projections describe the


of the process. At the conclusion of the project/activity time frame initial information and projections will be updated by completing an


including modifications, outputs and outcomes. Both planning and evaluation information will be organized according to parallel criteria including: (1) a formal goal statement, (2) outcome measures, (3) collaboration with stakeholders, (4) evaluation methods and (5) use of results for improvement of unit performance in meeting established outcomes. The overall process will effectively review and document specific measures of educational effectiveness. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

UNIT: Student Services – East Campus STEWARD: Linda Vance – Dean of Students TITLE OF PLAN: Improve Staff Communication skills SUPPORTED BY COLLEGE FUNDS (If applicable, please provide approved amount): DATE: May 16, 2007 CRITERIA 1. Goal-

principal purpose and objectives of plan

2. Outcome Measures-

reviewed and measured outcomes

3. Collaboration with Stakeholders-

how plan will be individuals and groups involved in the planning and Train staff on better listening/speaking skills to equip staff with effective strategies on how to handle difficult situations. We talked about better listening strategies at some of our staff meetings (did not address at every staff meeting as I had hoped). Guest speaker, Penny Villegas came to staff Each monthly staff meeting will have an effective listening, meeting to share strategies on how to handle difficult speaking and handling confrontation component. conversations. She also shared with us strategies to de Campus Ombudsman, Speech Faculty Student Affairs Staff. stress ourselves after a confrontational conversation so that the next person we speak to does not bear the consequences. implementation

4. Evaluation-

process employed to evaluate effectiveness Staff will feel better equipped to diffuse different situations. Staff was encouraged to attend Leadership Valencia workshop - Listen or Thy Tongue will Keep You Deaf

5. Use of Results-

how plan will/has

PLANNING PHASE Initial Information and Projections

Staff will be better listeners, therefore better impacted learning environment of VCC and communications. improvement of the educational programs and/or processes

EVALUATION PHASE Modifications, Outputs, Outcomes