Can You Describe This?

Can You Describe This?
Learning Outcomes
This community building exercise can help students build their communication
skills- in particular listening and speaking. Learning to communicate key ideas is
an important skill to have in all learning communities.
Time Needed
10 Minutes
What will you need?
A collection of pictures (1 for every person in class) Pictures can be silly
or content based- but you want something with details to it.
Blank paper
The Structure
Pair students up. Once paired make sure that they sit with their backs
to one another.
Pass out a picture to one of the group members. Then pass out a sheet
of blank paper to the other partner. Explain that at no point in the
activity can the person who has the picture show it to the person
drawing- nor can the person drawing show their drawing to the person
with the picture. Artists can only draw what they are told.
Once all of the materials have been passed out. Start a timer for 1 -2
minutes. Let the explaining and drawing commence!
When time is up let the partners show each other their pictures. If
time share with class.
This activity should be done at least twice so each partner has the
chance to try both roles.
For more information about this strategy contact the West Campus CTLI by phone (407)582-5826 or email [email protected]