Minutes Learning Evidence Team September 19, 2007 Members Present:

Learning Evidence Team
September 19, 2007
Members Present: Philip Bishop, Anastasia Bojanowski, Michael Bosley, Roberta Brown, Jenelle
Conner, Aida Diaz, Suzette Dohany (co-chair), Kurt Ewen (co-chair), Ed Holmes, Maryke Lee,
Melissa Pedone, and Joseph Sarrubbo
Introductions and Departures
We’d like to welcome Anastasia and Joseph to the team. Chanda Torres is leaving the team as she
had committed to co-chairing the Learning Assessment Committee. We wish to thank Alison Sloan,
Linda Anthon, Tom Byrnes, and David Rogers for their service on the Team as they are moving on
to other tasks at the college.
General Education Outcomes Update
The status of the Gen Ed Outcomes will be presented to Faculty Council September 20 (tomorrow).
There were approximately 135 respondents to a recent college-wide survey on the drafted outcomes.
A small group from the Gen Ed Task Force will be meeting to revise the outcomes based on the
results of this survey. The revised outcomes will be sent college-wide and campus-based faculty
forums will be held in October and November. Then the outcomes will be revised a second time and
sent for a vote (college-wide). The results will be presented to the Learning Council. The Outcomes
should be endorsed in time to be in the 2008-2009 catalog, and a multi-level plan for implementation
will begin in early summer semester.
Handout: a chart showing the possible connections from TVCA to Gen Ed (attached).
Think Report - Philip
The Math deans have discussed and come up with a list of key statistics full-time faculty and will be
sending out for ideas towards ongoing assessment of THINK. This will enable the creation of a
design for fall that will be ready for implementation in the spring. For the summer, there will be a
small team of designers who are key leaders and who are interested in assessing Qualitative
Communicate Report - Aida
We have put forward a request for any interested faculty to be the project leader and have not
received any volunteers and there are no likely candidates. We will look into this further with a few
leads suggested by the team.
Mayra Holtzer and Suzette have developed a workshop that ties courses to the college-wide
initiatives which we’d like to offer again in the spring as a Professional Development offering. This
workshop would help instructors give an assignment and then assess the assignment. It is important
that these workshops be extended to the Osceola campus faculty. Suzette will send out more
information on this to the team.
Learning Assessment Committee
The team was presented the proposed model for the structure of the LAC and its sub-groups: the
Learning Evidence, Standards of Evidence, and the Documentation and Use of Evidence Teams.
The LAC will be housed under the Learning Council similar to the Curriculum Committee. Its cochairs will be Chanda Torres and Michael Shugg.
Website Revisions
Jenelle walked through the web-pages of the LET website and suggested changes and showed
updates that will be made. The team made suggestions and approved the updates.
Document Decisions and Agreements
Philip, Kurt, and Melissa will work on a way to address the link between TVCA and the Gen Ed
Joe and Ed are working on the Student Affairs assessment.