Group D (4) - Introductions

Group D (group 4)
Hello! My name is Spencer Nam, and I am a freshman here at Stanford University. I was born in San
Francisco, moved to Germany for six years, and then moved to the East Coast. I am a prospective biology
major, but before coming here, I was planning on going to applying to a conservatory for violin. I
decided to come to Stanford because of the amazing opportunities to grow intellectually and as a
person. The people here are wonderful, and come from so many different backgrounds. In my dorm
alone, we have someone who does humanitarian work in Africa, someone who has an autistic brother
and writes to governments advocating more research, someone who has a patent that the Chinese
government was willing to pay 400,000$ (US) for, the top ranked physics student in Germany, musicians
who played at Carnegie Hall, Olympic level athletes, and more. Everyone is so supportive, and willingly
take hours out of their days to help each other. We are all looking forward to meeting you!
Hi, my name is Zack. I am a freshman from Mountain View California, which is about fifteen
minutes away from Stanford. Even thought my house is so near by, I live in the dorms which is very fun.
A bunch of the people who I have met are from all over the US, and there are also a good number of
international students, which makes the student body very diverse and interesting—most of my friends
here are not from anywhere near by. I am planning on majoring in Economics, although I am by no
means sure. I am also considering Public Policy instead, but the programs are very similar so I don’t
really have to decide until the end of my sophomore year.
I am in the process of pledging a Fraternity, which is essentially a group of guys who live
together and have social events. I will be living in the fraternity house next year, and am looking
forward to that. I am also a photographer for the Stanford newspaper, which is great because it gets me
to go to events that I would otherwise not go to, like interesting speakers and random sporting events.
There is always a ton of stuff going on on campus, which makes it hard to focus on school work. I am
frequently distracted, especially when the weather is good, and go lay out in the sun with friends and try
to read (we never get much reading done) or go and play beach volleyball. Freshmen year has been
pretty idyllic so far, and im looking forward to hearing about your undoubtedly different
This is me in the front setting up a tent for our dorm’s camping trip in Big Sur California.
My name is Matt Thompson and I am a freshman at Stanford University in California. I am from Dallas,
Texas, which is in the Southern United States. I’m a swimmer and I am a student athlete here at
Stanford. The weather here is very nice and is mostly sunny and warm all year. Stanford is a greatly
respected University in the United States primarily for its reputable academics, but also for its Athletics.
Students at Stanford come from all over the world and it’s a very diverse atmosphere. Most of the
students live on campus here and it’s a very large campus with lots of amenities.