Us. An exhaustive History.

Us. An exhaustive History.
An exhaustive presentation by the students in PWR 2 , detailing the story of their life, how they ended up at Stanford,
and what they’re doing with their life right about now.
• I was born in Houston, Texas. My birthday is in
February. I have two older sisters. I am a
sophomore at Stanford. I am on the Women’s
gymnastics team. I’ve been doing gymnastics
since I was 6 years old.
• I was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on December 14th,
1989. I lived in Minnesota for the majority of my life. In high
school I played soccer, was on the track team, and
participated in several business competitions. I am now a
sophomore in college. I chose Stanford because I really liked
the weather, as well as the general atmosphere. The palm
trees also helped. I am now a member of several student
groups on campus. The first is Visitor Information Services.
This is my campus job, where it is my duty to welcome visitors
to campus, give tours, and take people up the tower. I am also
a member of a fraternity, where we do lots of valuable
community service and stuff like that. So now you know
everything about me. Except the stuff I didn’t talk about.
Hi my name is Christina and I am from Manhattan Beach, CA. I am a sophomore at Stanford, and I love playing softball, painting, and traveling. In
Manhattan Beach I live with my Mom, Dad, and sister Kimberly. We also have two cats. I hope to major in political science and minor in English, so
that I can one day attend law school.
I also love traveling and my favorite place is France. I have only been there once but it was the best experience of my life.
I am on the softball team here at Stanford.
I love polar bears and wish they were not endangered!!!
I was born on May 11, 1990 in Fredericksburg, TX. I lived there until I was five years old. I moved to Cat
Spring, TX but went to Sealy High School. When I was deciding on colleges, I almost went to Southern
Methodist University in Dallas, TX but knew Stanford was the place for me. I like it here a lot. I have met a
ton of really great people and cannot wait for the coming adventures and experiences.