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The Need for Tractor and Safety
Tractors are essential sources of power for tillage, transportation, and power sources for auxillary
machinery such as hay balers, post-hole diggers, and rotary mowers (or shredders). Since the
invention of the three-point hitch and universal power take off (PTO), tractors have become the
most important machine on most farms or ranches in Texas. With people moving or recreating in
rural areas, many non-farm landowners have purchased tractors to maintain their properties.
These operators often lack any formalized training and also lack the experience or seasoned
operators. Most accidents occur because the victim had his/her mind on something besides the
task at hand. Boredom, being tired, or being distracted often contribute to farm accidents.
The following resources are provided for your review from Texas AgriLIfe Extension Service.
Tractors & Machinery
 Is Your Tractor Safe?
 Safe Tractor Operation: Rollover Prevention (E-344)
 Safe Tractor Operation: Runover Prevention
 Safe Tractor Operation: Driving on Highways (E-222)
 Safe Tractor Operation: Driving on Highways (Slideshow)
 Agricultural Machinery Safety
 Tractor Standards that Promote Safety
 Front End Loader Safety
 Harvester Safety
 Miscellaneous Machinery Safety
 ROPS & PTO Shields
 Working Around Vehicle Problems Safely
 Round Baler Safety
 Skid-Steer Loader Safety (E-355)
 Trailer Safety
 Hand Signals for Machinery Operation
The National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Program has task
sheets available on a wide variety of safety topics. These training materials are used
primarily for prospective youth operators (ages 14 and older) but may be applicable
to other persons needing training. Here are some examples relevant to this course:
Tractor Hazards
Tractor Instrument Panels
Preventative Maintenance
Connecting Implements to the Tractor
Safety Videos
The videos below are provided to supplement your reading.
A Tractor Accident Can Happen to Anyone
Tractor Safety-OSHA Compliance
Industrial and Agricultural Mower Safety-Rotary Mowers
North American Guidelines for Children's Agricultural Tasks
Article from Successful Farming on Farm Safety for Kids
National Safe Tractor and Machinery Operation Curriculum
Outdoor Power Equipment Safety Institute
Farm Safety Just 4 Kids
Lawn Mower Safety from the Indiana Hand Center
Careful Country Coloring Book
Kubota Tractor Safety Coloring Book from Virginia Farm Bureau
A Tractor Accident: It Can Happen to Anyone
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