MAC 1147 PRECALCULUS -FALL 2015 calculus (CRN 80071)

MAC 1147
Precalculus (CRN 80071)
Instructor: Dr. Mahbubur Rahman
Office: Bldg. 14E/ Room 2727
Office hour: 11:45-12:45pm MW/Appointment
Phone: 620-3748
Class time: 10:00-11:40am MW
Class Bldg. 10/Rm. 1341
Textbook: PRECALCULUS Essentials, 4th
edition, by Blitzer
Prerequisites: Intermediate Algebra or College Algebra
Credit hours: 4
Tentative Schedule:
Chapter P. Prerequisites
§ P.1-P.9 (mostly review)
Chapter 1. Functions and Graphs
§ 1.1-1.9
Chapter 2. Polynomial and Rational Functions
Chapter 3. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 4. Trigonometric Functions
§ 4.1-4.8
Chapter 5. Analytic Trigonometry
§ 5.1-5.5
Additional Topic
Systems of linear equations with two unknowns
Grading Criteria:
Point Allocation
2 Exams
Final Exam will be comprehensive
Homework and Group work/project
Grade Assignment
90% - 100%
80% - 89%
70% - 79%
60% - 69%
< 60%
The “  `` will be included only to
improve your grades
Important Deadlines:
Last day to withdraw (no refund)– Oct. 30th
Holidays (no classes or office hours) – Labor Day- Sept. 7th , Veteran’s Day-Nov. 11,
Thanksgiving- Nov 26 –Nov. 28th
Exam 1: Oct. 5th , 2015 (Monday)
Exam 2: Nov. 16th , 2015 (Monday)
Final Exam is on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 9:00-10:50am.
Technology: A graphing calculator is useful. A TI–83 is recommended. Calculators with QWERTY
keyboards or those that do symbolic algebra such as the TI-89, or the Casio FX2 or 9970G cannot be used
in class or during an exam.
Attendance: is required; parts of this class may be in a cooperative learning format. You will be assigned
group work in and out of class. Repeated absences (more than 4 unexcused) will result in lowering your
grade in the course. Students absent for university sponsored events or must make arrangements for making
up the work they will miss before they are absent. We will be using interactive website MyMathLab to drill
exercises of the book.
Homework: is required. Selected problems from your textbook will be assigned and graded. Late
homework will not be accepted without a valid reason. We will be using interactive website MyMathLab to
drill exercises of the book. To register you need Course name: MAC1147 Precalculus and Course ID:
rahman87664. More information about MyMathLab will be given in the class.
Disability Resource Center: If you believe that you have a disability requiring an accommodation, please
contact “Disability Resources Center” in Bldg. 57-Room 1500.
Plan for dealing with disruption of normal activities:
In the event of disruption of normal classroom activities due to an emergency such as hurricane, pandemic
or other unforeseen event or combination of events, the format of this course may be modified in order to
enable completion of the course requirements. In that event, you will be provided an addendum to this
syllabus that will supersede this version. It is your responsibility as a student participant to be proactive
during any emergency to find instructions that I will be sent through email (or posted to the osprey website)
as determined by the instructor as appropriate for the circumstances.
General Education Outcomes:
MAC 1147 is designed to help students acquire the following General Education competency.
Analyzing and Reasoning Quantitatively: This competency includes but is not limited to determining
appropriate mathematical and computational models and methods in problem solving; understanding
mathematical, statistical, and computational concepts; applying mathematical and computational models
and methods in problem solving.
To do this we will present the standard techniques of Precalculus: manipulating expressions, solving
equations, solving inequalities, solving identities, and studying functions (linear, quadratic, exponential,
logarithmic, trigonometric). These techniques will then be applied to solve a variety of Precalculus
problems. The applications will include but are not limited to mastering algebra and trigonometry
techniques; and setting up and solving linear, quadratic, exponential, and trigonometric equations arising
from modeling problems.
Disclaimer: The instructor reserves the right to amend this syllabus at any time. Changes will be
announced in class. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of any changes.