Advanced Algebra (PreCalculus) - Loudoun County Public Schools

Advanced Algebra with PreCalculus - 2012-2013
Course Narrative
Course Title: Advanced Algebra/PreCalculus
Course Description: Loudoun County Public Schools describes the course as follows:
This course is an elective beyond the Algebra 2 level which prepares the student for college
mathematics. PreCalculus students receive a bridge from Algebra 2 to Calculus by being introduced to the
notion of a limit. PreCalculus is a course for very capable mathematics students who have successfully
completed the academic program through Algebra 2. The objective is to provide a thorough preparation for
college mathematics, especially Calculus, by including a study of trigonometry and other advanced
mathematics topics.
Learning expectations:
The student will (including but not limited to):
Incorporate the use of technology when appropriate
Understand the subsets of the complex number system
Review complex numbers, polynomial expressions, radicals, and exponents
Find compositions and inverses of functions. Investigate the continuity of functions.
Solve and graph polynomial functions and inequalities
Solve problems involving arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
Solve and graph rational , logarithmic and exponential functions
Identify and use trigonometric ratios, inverses, and formulas
Solve application problems using Trigonometry
Graph the six trigonometric functions and their inverses
Understand and apply circular functions
Prove trigonometric identities
Solve trigonometric equations
Summative 100% (including, but not limited to…)
o Tests
o Quizzes
o Problem Sets/Graded Worksheets
o Group Work
o Projects
o Test corrections (where assigned)
o Skills Quizzes
0% (including, but not limited to…)
o Homework
o Classwork