Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences
PGR Short Training Course Request Form
All applications must be submitted to lucy.ward@kcl.ac.uk
Please ensure that you have read the Procedure for Applicants.
In order for a short training course to be considered there must be:
a clear request from a minimum of 10 students from across the Faculty
each request must be supported by an academic (please copy into email along with this form)
If you have any queries about making a request for a short training course or anything that you have
submitted via this form, please contact Lucy.Ward@kcl.ac.uk.
Section 1: Applicant details
First name
Student number
Application Type:
Group (if this this application is submitted on behalf of a student group,
please give the names of those involved):
Section 2: Short training course proposal
Please give the title and level of your proposed course:
Please provide justification of the need for the course (specify students research area)
What is the expected audience for the course (i.e. is the course useful for students within one
department or a wider audience)?