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Dear (name of intern coordinator)/ To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing to apply for an internship with the International Crisis Group in Washington,
D.C. for the summer 2013. It would enable me to gain first-hand experience in the field
of public policy and help me better define my career goals. My academic career and
extracurricular activities have equipped me well for this internship. I bring the
administrative, analytical, and personal skills to excel in this position.
My two most recent internships have helped prepare me well. Last fall, I spent four
months in Dodoma, Tanzania as an intern with the U.N. World Food Programme.
Working in a developing country with the United Nations has provided me a firsthand
understanding of the key relationships between government, NGOs, and international
organizations. I have a strong understanding of the importance of field based
understanding of today’s challenges on which the International Crisis Group bases its
I am currently interning in the office of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, working on
constituent relations. The job involves drafting letters, researching positions, and a
variety of administrative tasks. The fast paced environment and variety of tasks from
small administrative tasks to larger research projects have helped me develop excellent
communication, writing, and analytical skills.
Lastly, through the International Studies program at the University of North Florida, I
have gained a strong understanding of governmental structures, advocacy, and the United
States’ role in the international community. Most notable was Ambassador Nancy
Soderberg’s class in which we studied U.S. foreign policymaking. We selected the issue
of XXX and developed a series of recommendations to strengthen U.S. policy which we
presented to a variety of senior officials in Washington, D.C.
It would be an extraordinary honor and privilege to serve in your organization. I
appreciate your consideration and look forward to meeting you next week.
(Your Name)