Chapter 13 - Humanitarian and Peace/Stability Operations

Chapter 13 - Humanitarian and Peace/Stability Operations
Does the constitution allow the president to send humanitarian aid/Peace
keeping aid without authorization from Congress?
Under the constitution, do you think the president has more authority to take
military action or humanitarian action?
What does this statute allow - 10 U.S.C. §401. HUMANITARIAN AND CIVIC
What does 10 U.S.C. §404. FOREIGN DISASTER ASSISTANCE allow?
Does these limit the president or extend his power?
What crisis brought the UN into Somalia in 1992?
What was the initial US military involvement?
Did Congress support this?
Why did we go into Mogadishu?
What did the White House Counsel's office say was the core of the president's
power to do this?
Which American citizens is the president protecting?
So, can the president hire Halliburton to deliver humanitarian aid, then send in
troops to protect it?
Can the president also protect foreigners? What are two examples?
What potential constitutional problem is posed by putting US troops under
foreign control?
Can Congress constitutionally prevent the president from putting troops under
foreign control, if it is otherwise allowed?
What did UN Resolution 794 provide?
What limits did Congress put in the appropriations bill for supporting this
What did the president do?
Does it matter whether the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan are characterized as
humanitarian, rather than military?