November 19, 2013  Call to order

November 19, 2013
Call to order
Motion for filling officer positions
o Chris – Secretary
o Natalie – Treasure
Motion to set dues
o $15 per semester, to be paid in January
o $30 for the year is allowable
Charity Events
o Philippine relief effort, Amber-Ray fellow teacher.
 Emailed further information to the program
o Haiti border with school supplies, Alex friend.
 Needs to occur before February, while his friend is here
o Barefoot on the Mall
 End of Spring semester, good to plan and organize early
 Last year did bake sale and it didn’t work well
Marcs Loves you guys and is a people’s person, making him the executive assistant
Point of order for Alex to become the Public Relations Officer.
Community Service and fundraising ideas
o Audrey wants to make T-Shirts
 2 left size XL
o Habitat for Humanity
 Lauren did it last week and enjoyed it, and it was easy and they are always
looking for help.
o Doing work with the International House
 Helping new students get there groceries, etc.
 First Friends Program
o Making Posters
 Audrey is presented with the honor of Glitter Officer
o Chili Cook Off (Yummy)
 Possibly around the week of January 6th
 Christy Euro Pub possible location
Meeting Dismissed.