Slow Food Project

Culinary Arts Institute
Green Technology
The Slow Food Essay project is designed to challenge students’ inquiry and ability in
metacognitive thinking correlating to Permaculture and ways to integrate Green Technology with
upcoming projects within The CAI Garden. Students are expected to research and compare some
of the contributions that spearheaded from Slow Foods Manifesto.
The Project is a comparison to the peak oil in Cuba and the Slow Food manifesto that was created
by a Fast Food Chain attempting to establish market in a tourist area in Italy. What I envision
within this project is for students to write their own interpretation after reading the material and
analyzing what really happened within the two different scenarios, in addition to the affects
experienced by the citizen with in their respected areas and beyond its borders.
Students are encouraged to use the Learning Resources Center (LRC) to complete assigned
project in a timely manner.
Please feel free to ask me any question you may have regarding the project for research, my
information is located in your syllabus including office hours.
For the research paper follows these criteria:
1. MLA format
2. Double spaced
3. Times New Roman 12 point font
4. 3 to 4 page final document
a) Works cited
5. Research project paper is due on 4/15/2016, please email final document by 11:59 pm.