NC Lobbying Document

April 20, 2007
The Honorable______________
N.C. House of Representatives
Raleigh, NC 27601
Dear Representative Name
I am writing to you as a constituent, a future physician and a member of the American
Medical Student Association who is deeply concerned about the condition of our state’s
health care system. I would like to call your attention to HB 901, which calls for a
constitutional amendment declaring appropriate health care as a right of all North
Carolinians. It requires the legislature to develop a plan for the implementation of
universal care within two years of passage of the amendment and for the activation of the
plan by four years after that date.
The amendment does not specify any form of financing or administration of this plan, but
leaves the choice of method entirely to the legislature. There are doubtless many possible
ways to provide care to all citizens. There are many models in other countries from which
features appropriate to US needs might be chosen. In addition, the Health Care Planning
Commission, in 1994, reported detailed studies of three possible methods of funding and
administering comprehensive health care for North Carolinians. This exhaustive study
can help greatly in the devising of a plan for our state.
As you know, there are about 1.3 million persons who have no insurance in our state, and
another million who have inadequate insurance. The numbers increase every year.
On the national level nothing is being done to assure universal coverage. Therefore
several states are trying to find a way to provide this coverage at the state level. I hope
that you will support this important bill as it goes forward in the legislature.
Thank you.