Lilamani de Silva
Los Angeles Mission College
We have to deal with the World the way it is.
What assumptions do we make about people?
If you are gay, be comfortable who you are.
It is a life long process for a gay person to come out of the closet. They have to be
aware if and whom to come out.
People go through a process while they are changing and learning to accept other’s who
are different to themselves.
The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) states in their
discrimination policy to accept all individuals.
Children learn things with what they are familiar with first. Examples: In flowers the
strips are different; in ladybugs the spots are different.
Make your own books and create your own families. As much as possible include real
families children can relate to.
Sexual development in young children starts early in life. Let children develop naturally.
Children are figuring out who they are.
We need to honor the child and respect the parents.
It is not a life choice that people are gay. They are born with it.
We need to accept them.
Do not label people.
Understand what the behavior is.
If you know someone who is gay personally it becomes easier to change your bias and
you change your views.
All people want to be themselves and feel safe and accepted.