Maps of the African Disapora Example 1

Maps of the African Disapora
Example 1
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This map presents the Atlantic Slave Trade through a series of arrows depicting the
locations slaves were taken from, and where they were taken to. The size of the arrow
corresponds with the number of people taken. (From Wilson Riccardo)
Example 2
Visualizing Statistics
This map illustrates the major regions where captives disembarked from over the
course of the years of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Thanks to the helpful key on
the bottom right hand corner of the image, one can determine that the regions
where the most captives departed from display larger maroon circles. This map
exhibits how a map can be used to show statistics through a method of
comprehensive visualization. Maps are a great source for all types of learners
because they can bring statistics to life. Maps are also useful because they are
something that many people feel comfortable with because they are used for so
many types of information in our daily lives. (From Kristina Niedermayer)