Dr. Larry Kreuger

The Evolution of the Helping Professions Toward ‘Fast Practice’
Dr. Larry Kreuger
A PowerPoint presentation* examines three movements in the helping professions that are leading to
evolution from traditional narrative-based helping encounters to what the author calls ‘fast practice.’ Departures
from traditionally Western public welfare systems originating in the industrial revolution are speeding up social
work practice as the profession finds itself increasingly estranged from its historical reliance on public assistance
and social security. Secondly, economic forces driven by the profit sector are leading to the truncation of
practitioner-client encounters, as reported in the literature on managed care and evidence-based practice. The third
movement that is generating fast practice is the distancing of relationships arising from electronic
hypertechnology. Implications for education in the helping professions are examined in this presentation that
challenges the historical rationale for state-administered distributive justice.
Equipment: Smart Classroom equipment for PowerPoint presentation, or accessible outlet and screen so
presenter can set up own equipment
*This could also be done as a poster.