Detailed Green Week Plan

Green Week 2014
[Celebrating the 12th College Green Week]
‘Recycling makes Cents’
Monday 17th February
1.15pm: Launch of Green Week.
ALL WELCOME. Exam Hall steps (if fine)/Exam Hall (if wet).
Guests will include Senator David Norris, the Provost and the COO.
Free raffle for Trinity Ball ticket for all attendees.
The proceeds from the College print cartridge recycling scheme will be
presented to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children.
1.00 - 1.20pm: Bicycle Fashion Show - Participants will bring their own
bicycles and with their bike and their clothing they will represent different
styles from the past or the future. The parade will take place on Front
Square. (Prize is a Ball ticket)
5pm: Botany Society paper: ‘Finding David Douglas’ followed by
wine reception.
7pm: – Home Brewing Workshop (GSU)
Tuesday 18th February
8.00 – 8.30am: Free ‘Stretch and Flexibility Class’ (Sports Centre)
9.30 – 12.30: ‘Energy Aware’ (Hamilton) & Arts Building (2 – 5pm).
Energia will be running this event in the Arts & Hamilton and have a
‘One4all’ gift voucher and 2 house energy meters as prizes.
1.00 - 2.00pm: Stone Walk led by Dr Patrick Wyse Jackson, Geology
Department. 'Building and Decorative Stone of the TCD Campus'.
Starting at the Campanile.
11.00 - 3.00pm: Green Fair in Arts Building Concourse and Hamilton:
Information on ethically produced goods, services and products for
sustainable living. Supporters and exhibitors include TCD Green Campus,
Environmental Society, Energia, Greyhound Recycling, An Taisce, Dublin
Community Growers, Every Can Counts, EPA, Foodcloud, Murphys Icecream.
Earth Ball - Geographical Society (Davenport Hotel, D2)
Wednesday 19th February
10.00 - 2.00pm: Coin Collection : SU and St Vincent de Paul Society,
Arts Building. With green face painting at the stall for anyone who gives to
the coin drive.
1.00 - 2.00pm: Simon Perry Memorial Symposium 2014 - “Sustainable
Engineering”. ( Simon Perry Building \ Demonstration Theatre )
Speakers: Laurence Gill, Roger West, Aonghus McNabola, Sarah
1.00 - 2.00pm: Bram Stoker Society “Water Politics: International
Cooperation or Competition?", a paper by Kell Scott ( GMB \ Phil
Conversation Room)
6.00pm: “Make and Do” (Pavilion bar)
7.15 – 9.00pm: Historical Society Debate “This House believes Climate
Change is no Global Crisis' (GMB) Special Guests: Lord Monkton, Eamon
Ryan, Emer Costello MEP and John McMeniman.
Thursday 20th February
9.30am: Special Breakfast for Housekeeping Staff (Invitation only) sponsored by Greyhound Recycling - TCD’s waste/recycling
9.00 - 6.00pm: Botany/Zoology Postgraduate Symposium (Botany
Lecture Theatres)
Guest speakers:
Fiona Jordan; Lesley J. Morrell; Sophie ArnaudHaond.
10.00 - 2.00pm: Coin Collection : SU and St Vincent de Paul Society,
(Arts Building). With green face painting at the stall for anyone who gives
to the coin drive.
1.00 - 2.00pm: Bird Walk led by Mr Aidan Kelly, Physiology Dept.
Starting at the Campanile. See Trinity’s beautiful bird-life with the help of
an expert. Bring field glasses or binoculars if possible - a small number
will be available.
7pm: ‘Biodiversity Bingo’, (Doyles Bar), Individuals receive a game
card with pictures of common species of tree, bird, mammal and insect
found around the college and we show them similar pictures on a
slideshow. The game then works in the same way as common bingo.
Prizes for the winner of each row, square and card, including potted
plants, biodiversity guides to Ireland and other spot prizes. Free entry.
Friday 21st February
8.00 – 8.30am: Free ‘Stretch and Flexibility Class’ (Sports Centre)
9.00 - 6.00pm: Botany/Zoology Postgraduate Symposium (Botany
Lecture Theatres)
2pm: Selection of winner of ‘Campus Sustainability’ Competition
€200 cash prize for winner plus all entries are included in a draw for a
Trinity Ball ticket.
3pm: Winner of Photography Society competition announced. Contact
[email protected] for details.
3pm: Winner of the Visart Society ‘recycling truck signage design’
announced. Contact [email protected] for details.
5.30pm: Pavilion Bar - Pub quiz, (Engineering Society) – Sponsored
by Kingspan – Great Prizes for the winners & losers including 2 Trinity Ball
Headline Competition:
‘Campus Sustainability’ - Student Scholarship: This is a competition open
to individual students, groups or societies with a winner’s prize of €200. The
challenge is to create a project\business plan under the title: “The best
implementable idea/suggestion to improve sustainability on the Campus”.
GCC will help with the finer details of the project planning.
All entries will be included in a draw for a Trinity Ball ticket. The winning entry
will be announced on Friday 21st.
All Week
Catering: ‘Go Green and Eat Green’
Green Dishes of the day at special reduced rate – check daily menu for
Free Tea/Coffee refills all day for the week.
Green Cupcakes!
Ask us for some Coffee grounds – we will give our customers free of
charge coffee grounds for their gardens, on request and while stocks last!
College Library. Our Department of Early Printed Books is providing a
display of early printed books in the Berkeley Library foyer and the
Collection Management Department will display material on the Green
Week theme in the Orientation Space in the BLU. Selected newly
published material from our Environmental Science collections will be on
display in the Hamilton Library. Videos promoting material from our
modern environmental science collection will run on our information
screens in the Library buildings. Each day during Green Week, our blog
will feature individual books from these selections.
Sports Centre – Tuesday 18th and Friday 2st February from 8.00 am to
8.30 am free ‘stretch & flexibility classes’. Staff who cycle to work but who
are not members of The Sports Centre can avail of free use of showers
and changing facilities. Some restrictions apply. Register at [email protected]
We’re running cycle safety training on Monday 17th Feb for people who
are a bit leery about cycling in town.
Visarts Society: VisArts and EnviroSoc have teamed up for this years’
Green Week to give you an arts and crafts session like no other.
Together we aim to create a magical sculpture for display on campus - to
be made entirely of empty plastic bottles. The sculpture will be created
during the week for display on Friday 21st.
WEEE Collections by KMK: Bring in broken electrical equipment for
recycling; kettles, toasters, TVs, PCs.
Thanks to the SU, the GSU, Student Societies and to the Central Societies
Committee for their support, to the many administrative departments in
College who provided logistical help particularly the Director of Buildings
Office, the Communications Office, the Sports Centre, The Botany
Department, The Science Gallery. Thank you to those who led the ‘Stone
Walk’ and the ‘Bird Walk. A very ‘big thank you’ to the Grounds and
BuildsingOffice Staff.
 Thanks to all our sponsors: Kingspan, Energia, EPA,
KMK, Greyhound, and to all our exhibitors.
 Please see for updates