Senior Assignment Fund Rubric


Senior Assignment Fund Rubric

Please rate each quality indicator on a scale of 1 to 5, using values between scale integers to add sensitivity to the index (higher scores represent higher quality). Please note that different quality indicators are weighted differently in calculating the total score. Do not round the total score.

Score Rationale Quality Indicator

Goals/Outcomes and Significance of the


Does the description of the project offer a clear statement of goals or outcomes?

Is there a compelling argument for the project?

Would the plan clearly be accessible to all students?

Would funding the project clearly result in long term improvement, modification, or innovative refinement of the Senior


(35% of the total score)

Plan of Work

Is the current Senior Assignment clearly described?

Is the plan reasonable and the timeline realistic?

Are faculty responsibilities clearly delineated?

Are specific descriptions of anticipated outcomes provided?

(25% of the total score)


Is a clear method of assessing and reporting the proposal’s impact provided?

Are project assessment measures clearly related to goals/outcomes?

(30% of the total score)

5 4 3 2

Points x 35 % =

Points x 25 % =

Points x 30 % =



Does the line-item budget justify each item?

Is the budget clear, accurate and complete?

Does the budget follow the specified information in the call for the proposal?

(10% of the total score)

Points x 10 % =

Total Score