Campus Life Work Group Meeting Minutes February 13, 2004 Attending:

Campus Life Work Group Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2004
Attending: Art Costantino, Dianne Conrad, Jodi Kirkwood, Tom Mercado, Justin
Jobelius, Janette Parent, Chuck McKinney, Robert Martindale, Lori Ann Trimble,
Sandy Yannone and AmyLyn Ribera
Location: L2218
1. Approve January 16th and 30th meeting minutes
2. Survey update
The survey will be deployed next week. Dianne will be visiting two classes. Jodi,
Art, Tom, Sandy, Collin, Justin and Robert will table in the CAB. The Housing RAs
will be giving out and collecting the survey. Dianne will visit an MIT and a weekend
program. The survey will be handed out and collected at the Parking Booth. 2000
surveys will go out, and we hope to get 1200 back. The surveys are due back by
February 23rd. Institutional Research will input the data. Dianne and Jodi will be
trained to run reports from Access; they hope to have the data ready by the
second week of Spring (April 5th).
3. Review of the scope and mission of the group (Dianne)
The final product of this group will be a report that will include: 1) identification of
the needs we have found to exist on campus; 2) summaries of the survey and
charettes results; 3) a vision statement; 4) drawings of broad program directions;
5) 4 or 5 recommendations from the group; 6) options for funding. Some areas that
we can concentrate on: CAB, CRC, Housing, Seminar II coffeehouse, Library
Building remodel, Seminar I and, possibly, a new student union building. Art has let
our Attorney General know that he will need some advice on any student fee piece
when this group arrives at funding possibilities.
4. Charette resources
Art and Michel are contacting colleagues about charettes. They also are both
thinking about the possibility of using the architects that are currently on campus
for the Child Care Center or Seminar II, and building this cost into an existing
contract; going this route would eliminate the need for the RFP process.
5. February 27th meeting: Art & AmyLyn cannot attend
Everyone should keep this time blocked on their calendars. Art will contact folks
the week of the meeting to see if there are any pressing issues and the group
should meet.
6. March 26th meeting: meet over Spring break?
This meeting is CANCELED.
7. Other business
Art is getting in touch with members of the Tribal Program faculty to discuss how
to disseminate the survey to Tribal students. The survey will be less helpful for
the Tacoma students to have input than will the charettes sessions. On Tuesday,
Art will update Senior Staff about the work of the group.
Needs Assessment {Janette, Dianne, Jodi and Art}: work in process
Focus Groups (charettes) {Sandy, Phyllis, Erin, Tom and Justin}: work
to begin after the survey process is complete
Funding Sources {Tom, Bill, Collin, Chuck, Dianne (?) and Sandy}:
Sandy will begin looking for grants.
Office Hours Assessment: no decision on whether or not to have this
group; AmyLyn will contact Robyn Herring to see if any information is
available via the Health & Safety Committee.
Next meeting:
February 27th from 1-3 p.m. in L2218.