Project 2 SAP Introduction

Assignment # 2
Due Date- April 1/2 @ Conclusion of Class
 Project 2 – SAP
 Missing/Late: 0
 Fail: 16
 Pass:32
 Pass High: 40
SAP Information
 ALL important documents are located on the class blog at:
 Project-2-SAP is the document you need to answer questions
about the activities your preforming. This is what you will be
graded on.
 SAP-Project-Supplement is information on how to log onto the SAP
server and other helpful tips
SAP Information
 The SAP Procurement & Sales exercises are located in the
appendix of the Kroenke book
 HOWEVER, we now have access to these exercises in PDF form so
students no longer have to find the activities in the book. These PDF
files are on the class blog. PLEASE utilize this resource to avoid
confusion. You can print the PDF file and then complete the SAP
activity online.
Log-In Information
 A spreadsheet with everyone’s USER ID is located in the
gradebook. The password is “Temple15”
 Any Questions? Look through the supplement document BEFORE
sending any e-mails. If your question is addressed in one of these
documents your e-mail will not be answered.
TA Information & Office Hours
 Robin Hibbard
 E-mail: [email protected]
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