Abstract Submission for TRVSXIV
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Use the following page as a template for your abstract.
Insert your title here (14 pt Arial bold)
X. Author1, Y. Author1, Z. Author2 (Names of authors 12 pt letters)
Affiliation #1 (12 pt italic) Dept. of X, Univ. of Y, Little Town, No man’s land 12345.
2 Affiliation of second group of authors.
e-mail: Please add the e-mail address of the presenter.
Insert the text of your abstract here. The abstract including title, figure, references, etc. must not
exceed one page. Please use 8½” x 11” paper format. Set all margins (left,right,top,bottom) to 1”
(2.5 cm). The text should be written in a 12 pt Times New Roman font. Typeset the text in full
Except for the first new paragraphs should start with an indent. References should be
cited in “footnote fashion” using a superscript12. The references should be typed in a 10 pt Times
New Roman font in the format used below.
Please include a figure which summarizes your contribution. Leave 12 pt. spacing above
and below the Figure.
Fig. 1. The figure caption should be placed below the figure, typed in a 10 pt font size, and separated
from the text below by at least 12 pt.
Please ensure that your entire abstract fits on one page. Save and submit your
contribution as a PDF file.
J.Q. Public, A.B. Miller, J. Appl. Phys., 1989, 11, 109-116
J. Doe, “Introduction into Anything”, Someone’s Publishing House, Everywhere Town, 2004