CAMS Summer Internship Program Supervisor Template

CAMS Summer Internship Program Supervisor Template
1. Supervisor name & full contact information:
 Name: Mary Acri, PhD
 Address: One Park Avenue, 7th floor
 Phone: 203.675.4691
 Email:
 Fax:
2. Direct supervisor name & full contact information (if different from above):
 Name:
 Address:
 Phone:
 Email:
 Fax:
3. Name and brief description (1 – 2 paragraphs) of the Project requiring an
 This project will revise and test the feasibility and effectiveness of a peerdelivered intervention to detect depression amongst caregivers involved in
the child welfare system and facilitate engagement in services.
4. Location and hours of Internship (building name, expected availability if
 Fieldwork location: One Park Avenue
 Expected start & end times: Flexible
5. Number of Interns requested:
 One or two
6. Brief summary of proposed Intern responsibilities:
 Conduct literature searches, finalize assessment batteries, copy documents,
schedule meetings and send materials for meetings. Additional
responsibilities may include tracking data collection efforts.
7. Weekly or monthly meetings at which Intern attendance is expected:
 Weekly meetings with myself; however, this can be flexible based upon
intern’s schedule.
8. Three goals that the Intern(s) will be expected to achieve during placement:
1) Literature and instrument review
2) Become proficient in data collection process
3) Schedule/manage various stakeholders and prepare for meetings
9. Description of planned deliverable(s) at the end of the 12-week Project:
 Revised engagement and outreach manual
 Finalized assessment battery
CAMS Summer Internship Program Supervisor Template
10. Skills or prerequisite experience required:
 Computer/Software: Microsoft Office
 Languages: English
11. Any other requirements (e.g., special clearances required, etc.):
 No