CAMS Summer Internship Program Supervisor Template


CAMS Summer Internship Program Supervisor Template


Supervisor name & full contact information:

 Name: Argelinda Baroni

 Address: One Park Ave, 8 th Fl. New York, NY 10016

 Phone: 646-754-5150

 Email:

 Fax:


Direct supervisor name & full contact information (if different from above):

 Name: Christina Di Bartolo

 Address: One Park Ave, 7 th Fl. New York, NY 10016

 Phone: 646-754-4996

 Email:

 Fax: 646-754-9594


Name and brief description (1 – 2 paragraphs) of the Project requiring an


 REST Workshops Trial Run

 We are implementing a trial run of a two-part workshop to improve mood in college students via an intervention designed to improve their sleep hygiene and sleep quality. The results of this trial run will be used to inform further iterations of the workshop. Intern is invited to attend the two-part workshop to gain insight into behavioral interventions in the fields of sleep medicine and psychiatry.


Location and hours of Internship (building name, expected availability if known):

 Fieldwork location: One Park Ave 7 th floor, NY, NY 10016

 Expected start & end times: Mon and Wed 9 am to 5 pm


Number of Interns requested:

 one


Brief summary of proposed Intern responsibilities:

The intern will primarily assist with procedural tasks. Tasks include logistics of distributing and collecting actigraph devices (for measuring sleep), data collection, data scoring and distribution of scores to participants as part of the intervention, and preliminary data analysis (if data available prior to the end of the internship).


Weekly or monthly meetings at which Intern attendance is expected:

 Weekly supervision with either Argelinda and/or Christina.


Three goals that the Intern(s) will be expected to achieve during placement:

CAMS Summer Internship Program Supervisor Template

1) Learn how to implement study procedures for data collection as outlined in an IRB-approved trial involving human subjects.

2) Learn how to draft a Methods section (and possibly Results section, if preliminary data are available in time)

3) Learn basic baseline descriptives and pre/post data analysis using SPSS


Description of planned deliverable(s) at the end of the 12-week Project:

 Depending on intern preference a poster or a paper on implementation considerations when running and collecting data during a two-part intervention with associated objective measurement collection via actigraph.


Skills or prerequisite experience required:

 Computer: Software: Word/Power Point/Excel

 Languages: English

 Ideally psychology or neuroscience major.


Any other requirements (e.g., special clearances required, etc.):