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[Enter Student’s First Name] [Last Name]
Prof. [Last Name]
[Enter Course Name and Number such as: English 1301]
1 July 2016
[Enter Title of Research Paper]
Start typing your research paper here. Please contact your librarian if you need assistance
citing your sources, finding additional research materials, and evaluating your sources of
information. Also, please check with your professor to make sure that this template addresses all
the elements required in the research assignment.
The purpose of this template is to assist you with getting started. Please double-check the
settings and do not forget to edit your entire paper. It is still the responsibility of the student to
verify their sources, and to make sure his/her research paper is formatted properly.
MLA style calls for one inch margins all around, double-spacing all your lines, 12 point
font size, and Times New Roman typeface. Your professor’s guidelines and requirements
supersede MLA indications, so please check your syllabus and your professor’s instructions.
The last section of your paper is the Works Cited list, see page 3 on this template. This is
the section that contains an alphabetical list of all of the sources you used in your paper. Please
refer to our video tutorial and sample handouts to get additional assistance with your Works
Cited page.
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More text….
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Works Cited
Alphabetical list of all of your sources starts here. The list should be double-spaced, and all
entries should have “hanging” indentation. A hanging indent is where the first line of an
entry extends out to the left margin, and the rest of the entry is indented.