Request Form for Viewing Supplier Invoices in URFinancials

Request Form for Viewing Supplier Invoices in URFinancials
This form is for the user requesting the ability to access the supplier invoice documents stored from a link in the
URFinancials system.
NOTE: if you actively used AP Doc Viewer or Unity Client in Cognos, you do not have to re-apply for permissions.
Please complete the following form; have your supervisor approve by signing, and send the completed request form in a
ticket request to the University IT Helpdesk ( [email protected]). You will be added to a secure file
permissions group that allows you to view specific documents.
Please note: The security clause below must be approved by you prior to this form being processed completely.
Employee Information
Employee Name:
NETID username
(Not password):
Work Phone:
Supervisor (printed
The access or use of any University of Rochester data for one's own personal gain or profit, for the personal gain or profit
of others, or to satisfy one's own personal curiosity or that of others is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. Also forbidden is the
disclosure or distribution of University of Rochester data in any medium, except as required by this employee's job
responsibilities. Violations of these guidelines will be dealt with seriously, up to and possibly including employment
☐ I agree to the above.
Last updated 1/2/2015