2007-9-18 Minutes

AAFCS Student Unit Minutes
Sept. 18, 2007
Start of Meeting: 6:07pm
Held in the Agriculture Building Room 237
Heidi Henderson; Brittni Turner; Adrianna Carlton; Lindsey Simons; Erin Jones;
John Olson; Merra Lundell; Jamie Wilder; Lindsey Parker; Sophie Omolo, President; and
Dr. Vincenti, Advisor.
Sophie called the meeting to order at 6:00p.m.
Officer Reports
A. Heidi Henderson read the minutes from last meeting.
1. If there are any changes let her know via email.
B. Adrianna Carlton passed out calendars to people who did not have them.
Old Business
A. Consumer Issues Conference
1. We still need people to sign up for audio recordings for the Consumer
Issues Conference sessions.
2. Dr. Vincenti passed Out Consumer Issues brochure.
3. We need people to recruit for the consumer issues audio recording.
a. John said he could check with the SDA members.
B. Officers and Voting
1. We still need people for Vice President, Secretary, Graduate Liaison,
and the Consumer Issues Planning Committee Representative.
2. Voting was performed through a raising of hands for the following
Parliamentarian: Merra Lundell
Agriculture Representative: John Olson
3. These people were voted into these positions through a unanimous vote.
C. Habitat for Humanity
1. Erin created a survey for Habitat for Humanity to poll interests in
programs that we could develop for the families.
a. If there is any changes you would like to see email her in the
next day.
b. We are going to email this to the head of Habitat for Humanity
and she will hopefully get it back to us by Oct. 1st.
c. We are going to plan our next meeting accordingly.
New Business
A. Plan of work
1. We want to plan out activities by the month.
2. All of the members looked at the visionary statement to review or make
changes to accommodate it for this next year.
a. No one suggested any changes they would like to make.
3. Activities that we were going to plan are going to fit our visionary
4. Ideas for the year that we discussed:
a. Habitat for Humanity
1. Surveys due to use Oct. 1st
b. Wellness night
1. Similar to our Spa Night in the past
c. Halloween Fundraiser
d. Hunger Banquet
e. Halloween Party of Habitat for Humanity kids
1. Help them make costumes
f. Halloween “Party” for the Hub kids (after school program held
through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters)
1. Erin was going to check on this for us and report back at
next meeting.
g. Toy drive
1. Sell for cheap
h. Clean Community
i. Adopt a highway
j. Have Susan Pelican come in and speak
k. Presentation on networking
l. Presentation on getting jobs
m. Luncheon with Faculty
n. Present an activity at the national conference for AAFCS
o. Prepare us professional for the nation conference for AAFCS
through professional training.
Subjects that were tabled or need to be included in the next meeting are:
*Halloween “Party” for the Hub
*Ideas for Fundraising
Planned Meeting for Oct. 2nd 6pm in Ag. 237
Meeting was motioned to adjourn from Heidi Henderson and seconded by Adrianna
Meeting End: 7:02
Respectfully submitted,
Adrianna Carlton