Laurie Petric Research Day Poster


Laurie J. Petric with

Dr. Cary Heck

Criminal Justice


Methamphetamine (meth) is currently one of the most addictive and widely used drugs in Wyoming.

Produces physiological effects including “intense feelings of well-being and confidence, paranoia, appetite suppression, extended periods of wakefulness, and … accelerated heartbeat .”


Crime in Wyoming Report,

(2009): stated that meth represented 48% of total controlled substance abuse arrests in the state.


Research hasn’t determined if methamphetamine has a more significant effect on crime rate, health and treatment efficiency compared to other substances.


A drug counselor, law enforcement official and a licensed physician all working in

Albany County, Wyoming.



A survey designed by the researcher will be given to each participant who will then rate responses using a Likert scale scoring system.

Open ended interview questions will be asked to allow respondents to express their attitudes, thoughts and understanding related to meth versus other drugs.

Data Analysis:

Likert scale data will be analyzed by coding responses and running a PASW analysis to determine descriptive statistical outcomes.

By capturing views of three professionals in Albany County,

Wyoming, a baseline may be created for future research on the topic of methamphetamine use.

Potential research could determine if methamphetamine plays a more significant part in the crime rate, health and treatment efficiency of

Wyoming users when compared to abusers of other hard-core drugs such as heroin or cocaine.

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This study will explore views of three individuals about meth’s relation to crime rate, health and treatment efficiency in Albany

County, Wyoming when compared to other drugs.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Cary Heck, the McNair

Scholars Program, Zackie Salmon, Susan Stoddard, Pilar Flores and all who helped me achieve my academic goals.